"Why close it during exams?" Students blast Skipton Library closure

"Why close it during exams?" Students blast Skipton Library closure

Published by Lisa Darvill at 7:01am 22nd May 2019.

Main image: Skipton Girl's High School students Lizzie Mulligan and Athina Tazes

Students in Skipton are criticising the closure of the town's library during exam season.

  • GCSE and A Level students are in the middle of their exams 
  • Skipton Library closed for refurbishment at the beginning of the month and is due to re-open in early June  
  • Teenagers have told us the closure has hindered their revision 
  • North Yorkshire County Council says it had no alternative 

Skipton Library closed for refurbishment on 4th May and is due to re-open in early June. 

Teenagers are in the middle of sitting their GCSE's and A Levels.

GCSE students at Skipton Girl's High School say they had been using the library for revision, and are frustrated it's been closed in the lead up to their exams.

16-year-old Lizzie Mulligan said: 

"I think some people don't have the environment at home where they can revise effectively, so it's a really nice place to go to with your friends. It's quiet so everyone can just get on with their work."

Athina Tazes, who's also 16 and in the middle of her GCSE's added: 

"We were going there because you obviously can't go to school on weekends and past 5 o'clock." 

Both girls say the closure, which coincided with the start of the exam period, has been a big inconvenience for them and their friends. 

Lizzie added: 

"Why would you close it during exams? 

"You could do it over the summer when not many people are going to be at the library." 

North Yorkshire County Council says the refurbishment will prove a more up-to-date, flexible space and create a new children's library as well as a space for community events and activities. 

Athina added: 

"I can understand that there's a lot that goes into the refurbishment that may be out of their control, but it's still a big inconvenience for us".

Chrys Mellor, General Manager Libraries at North Yorkshire County Council said:

"We regret any inconvenience to students caused by the refurbishment of Skipton library. When extended closures of libraries are necessary, we always strive to minimise disruption.

"Where possible we arrange lengthy closures around the Christmas and New Year period. However, in this case, because we needed to co-ordinate suppliers and contractors, we had no alternative but to close the library at this time.

"We appreciate that there is never a good time to close a library for a lengthy period. Whenever a closure takes place, unfortunately some users will inevitably be inconvenienced. For example, there are many regular groups and events – such as coffee mornings, knit and natter groups, Lego clubs and story times – as well as major annual events such as the Summer Reading Challenge.

"We very much look forward to welcoming students back to the library after the refurbishment, which will provide them with a more flexible layout to accommodate revision in future."