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Climate protesters block road in Leeds

Climate protesters block road in Leeds

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 2:00pm 15th July 2019.

Extinction Rebellion activists have blocked Victoria Bridge in Leeds

  • Protesters have installed a brightly-coloured boat on the road into the city's financial sector.
  • Activists plan to stay there all week.
  • The protest is part of a 'summer uprising' by Extinction Rebellion across the UK.

Activists from the campaign group Extinction Rebellion have blocked Victoria Bridge in Leeds with a brightly coloured boat. They are currently also setting up a protest camp on the main route into the City's financial sector.

They claim Leeds' financial sector contributes to investments in fracking, coal and other "dirty technologies".

Similar protests are taking place in Cardiff, London, Bristol and Glasgow - part of the campaign group's "summer uprising".

The activists are aiming to remain on the bridge all week, and they say they're willing to risk arrest. Extinction Rebellion say they want to press government and business to act now, with this campaign of civil disobedience,

Sara Han, aged 38, is taking part in the protest. She says:

“As a lecturer who is preparing young people for their future, it is clear that that future is increasingly uncertain.

"I care deeply about the prospects of our future generations and want to see meaningful action to address the climate emergency right now. “

Alex Evans, aged 43, is also protesting:

“My eldest child is nine years old and for each of those nine years I’ve watched her future get steadily worse while everyone waits for everyone else to do something on climate change.

"Now we’re out of time and we can see climate breakdown all around us. Enough’s enough: it’s time to act now. ”

West Yorkshire Police released a statement on Twitter:

In March, Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency, committing to becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2050.

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