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Drive-thru Starbucks: Third Time Lucky?

Drive-thru Starbucks: Third Time Lucky?

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 5:30pm 15th July 2019.

An application to turn an old dental surgery on Wetherby Road into a drive-thru Starbucks has been submitted for a third time.

  • The first application was submitted in 2012, and the second in 2017.
  • Previous proposals were rejected because of concerns about noise and fumes from cars.
  • The new plan includes more landscaping between the would-be coffee shop and nearby houses.

Plans to turn an old dental practice on Wetherby Road (pictured) into a drive-thru Starbucks have been resubmitted to Harrogate Borough Council.

The application is the third attempt for this project - a Government Inspector upheld the council's decision not to allow the proposal to go ahead just seven months ago.

The Government's report said that noise from car stereos and customers' voices would be "particularly annoying" for residents. It also said the fumes from idling cars would be "unpleasant", although there was no identified health hazard.

EuroGarages - who submitted the proposals - say they've taken that into account with the new plans, incorporating more landscaping between the business and nearby properties and moving the car park further away from houses.

However, some people still have problems with it.

Councillor John Ennis, conservative ward member for Harrogate Stray, said:

"The reason I want it to go back to the planning committee is that I believe it is the wrong development in the wrong place.

"I struggle to see how access could be safely constructed, given how close it is to one of the busiest junctions in Harrogate."

The site is near the junction of Wetherby Road and Hookstone Chase.

The first proposal was submitted in 2012, and withdrawn after complaints from residents. The second application, submitted in 2017, was rejected by Harrogate Borough Council.