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Skipton shops urged to close doors and save energy

Skipton shops urged to close doors and save energy

Published by May Norman at 7:35am 16th July 2019.

Main image: Councillor Simon Myers, campaigner Karen Darvell and Skipton and Ripon MP Julian Smith

Skipton shops urged to shut the door to protect the environment

  • A campaign to get the shops of Skipton to close their doors to help save energy is underway.
  • The 'Close the Door' is a national scheme which helps retailers to cut their energy usage by up to 50 per cent.
  • The move will significantly contribute to cut the town's carbon emissions.

A campaign to stop shops wasting energy is underway in Skipton.

By closing their doors, retailers can cut their energy usage by up to 50 per cent.

It's part of national campaign 'Close the Door' which aims to cut carbon emissions.

Karen Darvell is leading the local movement:

"Each store across the UK has a carbon footprint equivalent of three returns flights from London to Hong Kong annually just running their heating at the same time keeping the door open. That statistic is rather shocking."

Karen has the support from Skipton and Ripon MP Julian Smith who recently joined Karen on the towns streets to launch the campaign.

In addition, Karen has a provisional nod of support from Craven District Council.

In total, there are 68 shops on Skipton high street. 

The campaign claims if EVERY store in the country signed up, it would save the national energy output by between 2 or 3 per cent

Karen added:

"It's not just the impact on the environment. With the door open on the High Street, all the pollutants from cars and vans can go into the store and affect shoppers and staff.

"Air pollution, largely from diesel vehicles, is a major health problem across all UK towns and cities - not just Skipton. Closing the door will result in a reduction in air pollution in stores."

The national campaign claims if ­two-thirds of the UK's shops closed their front doors, the saving in carbon emissions would be the equivalent of taking more than 1.1 million cars off the road for good.

Karen concluded:

"38 per cent of the shops on the High Street thgat I spoke to are happy to sign up to the 'Close the Door' campaign. They are aware that leaving the door open causes heat loss and impacts the environment. They were pleased to agree with the campaign wholeheartedly."

What is 'Close the Door'?

The Close the Door campaign is a national campaign in the United Kingdom to encourage retailers to keep their doors closed to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. 

As well as the national campaign, which is supported by major retailers including Marks and Spencer, Tesco, John Lewis Partnership, Wickes and Boots, there are also local campaigns in various cities including Cambridge, Birmingham, London and York.

In addition, the campaign is supported by the shopworkers Union USDAW both because of the energy reduction and the increase in staff comfort.

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