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Harrogate Students on Eco Mission

Harrogate Students on Eco Mission

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 2:32pm 19th July 2019.

Main image: Eco students at Harrogate Grammar School

Harrogate Grammar School is one of 20,000 schools across the world taking part in a national eco programme

  • The project will aim to challenge confusion around what can and can't be recycled.
  • National survey operated by Keep Britain tidy is first of its kind.
  • Eco-schools programme involved schools in 67 countries worldwide.

Children up and down the country, including Harrogate Grammar pupils, will be given a hands-on role in challenging the confusion around what can and cannot be recycled as part of a ground-breaking environmental audit with Keep Britain Tidy.

Over 20,000 schools will be taking part in the project through the environmental charity’s Eco Schools programme. 

Eco-Schools is a global programme engaging 19.5 million children across 67 countries, making it the largest educational programme in the world.

The Eco-Schools Programme is pupil-led, involving hands-on learning that gets the whole school and the wider community involved in exciting environmental projects. 

Schools are provided with free resources to help them progress to the international Eco-Schools Green Flag award within 12 months of registration and Keep Britain Tidy provides additional assistance from a dedicated team of former teachers.

Richard McIlwain of Keep Britain Tidy said:

“In 2019 ‘The Challenge’ will be a call to action for all participating schools to take part in a national survey assessing recycling in schools, finding out what waste management resources they have available as well as understanding local authority collections and recycling services.

“This National survey will be the first if its kind and will allow the schools to help advise on what they believe we should be doing to improve provision and help harmonise recycling services in schools across the country. The report will be published in an easy-to-use infographic format and made available to all relevant parties.

“This work by students will provide the springboard for the ‘Circular School 2020 Challenge’ when we’ll be encouraging schools to take an active role in coming up with sustainable waste management solutions.”

Bottled water brand Harrogate Spring recently worked with Keep Britain Tidy to make it easier to recycle their bottles.

Twisting the bottle to make it easy to shrink to a small size was the idea of Emily Eggleston, a pupil of Harrogate Grammar School.

Emily - an active litter-picker - said:

“We were playing with the bottle thinking of how best to crush it and found that twisting made it much easier and you can recycle more if you squash it,”