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Tar poured on Knaresborough Castle

Tar poured on Knaresborough Castle

Published by May Norman at 12:13pm 1st August 2019. (Updated at 1:26pm 1st August 2019)

Main image from Facebook: Courtesy of Julie Christine Boswell‎

Vandals have dumped TAR on parts of Knaresborough Castle

  • Tar has been poured on the walls of Knaresborough Castle.
  • It's believed it happened last night (Wednesday, 31 July).
  • Images of the destruction were shared on social media.
  • Facebook users express their disgust at the vandalism.

Knaresborough Castle has been struck by vandalism.

Overnight (Wednesday,  31 July), black tar has been poured over the walls of part of the historic building.

Julie Boswell took to Facebook to share the image that greeted her during her morning walk.

Having posted the picture in a local Knaresborough community group, many Facebook users have expressed their disgust and disappointment at the vandalism.

The castle was first built in 1100 and has stood proud above the River Nidd ever since.

Residents are extremely proud of the local area and are frustrated at the lack of consideration from those responsible.

Taking to the Facebook thread, local Councillor Ed Darling made this statement:

"Morning all, I have reported this vandalism to the Borough Council and it will be cleared as soon as possible. It is also being reported to the police. Cllr Ed Darling."



Stray FM has contacted Harrogate Borough Council for its response on the matter.

However, we believe Council staff are on site trying to clear the tar from the walls.