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Farming community offer support to flood victims

Farming community offer support to flood victims

Published by May Norman at 1:43pm 1st August 2019.

Main image: Courtesy of Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team

Farming community rally around flood victims

  • A massive clean up operation is still ongoing in parts of North Yorkshire following Tuesday's flash flooding.
  • Many homes and businesses around Reeth, Layburn and Swaledale have been left damaged.
  • One farmer lost 80 sheep when they were washed away by the flood waters.
  • Roads and bridges were swept away - with highways teams working around the clock to clear and restore the routes in and around the Yorkshire Dales.
  • After seeing the devastation on social media, pledges of help and support have been flooding in.

The country's farming community is coming together to help support those affected by Tuesday's flash flooding.

Over 100 homes and businesses across Richmondshire were affected after heavy downpours forced becks and rivers to burst their banks.

In addition to this, many farms also fell victim to the floods - affecting livestock, machinery and land.



One farm in Arkengarthdale in Richmondshire has lost over 30 sheep which were washed away by flood waters as it swept through the farm.

Over 300 hay bales which feed livestock during the winter months were also damaged during the flash flooding.



Messages of support for the farmers affected have been flooding in on social media.

On Facebook:

John Howard

"I’ll happily donate 30 big bales of haylage to anyone genuinely having lost winter forage ... if they can arrange haulage ... (N.Yorks)."

William Wray:

"I’ve made loads of extra haylage this summer. Don’t hesitate to contact me if stocks need rebuilding."

Chris Mallinson:

"Absolutely horrendous! 😢 I’ll happily donate round bales of haylage to any farmer who’s lost their winter feed if they can sort transport. Based in Cumbria. Message me."

Adrian Shaw:

"I work on a cattle rearing farm near York, work Sundays through Thursdays, willing to help anyone needing help clearing up on Fridays and Saturdays. In box me!"

Susan Hadfield:

"Where can people donate? Happy to lend a hand over the weekend if required. One of my favourite parts of the country."


The clean up is now well underway:



And now some have even called for the army to be called in to help with the clean-up.


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