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Road reopens early after repairs from flooding damage

Road reopens early after repairs from flooding damage

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 5:32pm 14th August 2019. (Updated at 2:49pm 15th August 2019)

A Dales road - which has been closed since torrential rainfall caused a landslip and weakened a bridge officially reopened last night.

  • The B6270 suffered severe damage when floods hit the region on July 30 and 31.
  • The road links Grinton and Reeth with the Richmond area of the Dales, 
  • One section of the road became impassable when a landslip caused a section of road to collapse away.

The road had been due to reopen on Friday but worked had been able to fix the weakening of the bridge caused by flooding two days early.

The repair operation has involved digging away the landslide, laying new road foundations and then resurfacing and white-lining the route.

Where Cogden Bridge North was damaged, a temporary structure was trucked to the site and new stretch of access road added to reconnect it to the B6270. Steel tubing was brought in to channel Cogden Beck safely beneath the new crossing.

North Yorkshire County Council’s Corporate Director of Environmental Services, David Bowe, said:

“It has been a huge operation to repair the damage caused by such severe weather, but we have been acutely aware of the importance of this road in connecting communities in the upper Dales with nearby towns and services and have pulled out all the stops to make sure this happened as quickly as possible.”

The bridge on Grinton Moor forms part of the UCI Road World Championship route. If all goes well, the temporary bridge and connecting road will allow the cycle race to continue along its planned route in September. North Yorkshire County Council intends to reopen the road on August 30.

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