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GCSE Results: What to do if you don't get what you want

GCSE Results: What to do if you don't get what you want

Published by Lisa Darvill at 8:20am 22nd August 2019. (Updated at 8:22am 22nd August 2019)

GCSE students across Harrogate, Craven and Wharfedale are set to receive their results this morning. 

  • It's the second year of a new reformed system 
  • Pupils will get a grdae of 1 - 9 rather than A* - G  
  • There's also more emphasis on the final tests 
  • We've been speaking to a headteacher to find out what to do if students don't get what they were hoping for

GCSE reforms came in two years ago, with letter grades replaced with numbers and a greater emphasis on final tests.  

Instead of getting an A* - G grade, pupils will instead receive a 1 - 9. A 4 is the equivalent of a C, with 9 the equivalent of an A*. Grades 1 - 3 represent D- G grades. 

But what should students do if they don't get the results they want? 

Headteacher at Harrogate Grammar, Neil Renton, says they need to head straight back into school and speak to staff. 

He told Stray FM: 

"We're there all afternoon on Thursday, all day Friday and into next week.

"The main worry will be what do I do next? Where am I going to go, what are my options? 

"What we do is look at the results, we look at the courses that are available to the students with the grades they've got. 

"We can pretty much put something together. 

"If that isn't available we will then support a student with advice through a career advisor to secure the right course for them. 

"Because students do find the right course and the right stop."

Mr Renton says it's also important for parents to be available for advice and support today. 

He added: 

"For parents, if you can be with your son and daughter that's often really helpful.

"They may not want you to be there, but be around ready to take that call or look at that text.

"Then if a young person is upset, urge them to seek the advice they need."