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Residents angry at plans for new homes in Harrogate

Residents angry at plans for new homes in Harrogate

Published by Harry Long at 11:30am 11th September 2019.

An action group has been set up by residents who are opposed to new homes being built in an area of Harrogate.  

  • Over 200 homes are being planned for Harrogate.
  • The Kingsley Ward Action Group say the plans will lead to traffic congestion and environmental damage.
  • They say the plans are unsustainable.

The Kingsley Ward Action Group says plans to build new homes in the area will lead to more traffic congestion and impact the environment.  

A plan for nearly 250 homes in the town’s east has been submitted to the council.  Developers Persimmon Homes lodged plans for 244 homes on Kingsley Drive in August.

It’s the latest move by the developer in the area, who are already building 61 homes directly east of the proposed site.

Two new T-junctions with Kingsley Drive will be made to provide access to the site.

John Hansard, from the group, said:  

"We have had to cope with hundreds of truck movements a day along with the noise, pollution, dust and damage to our roads. On top of that, we have had the road dug up twice to lay cables, water etc for the new developments with all the noise and mess that that entails.  These developments will make a total of almost 600 new houses in an already fairly tightly packed residential area. This will inevitably lead to a huge increase in traffic congestion with extra cars trying to exit onto an already busy Knaresborough Road every morning."

The group claims the developments will have a significant environmental impact: 

"There is the obvious huge increase in carbon monoxide pollution and danger to health, increased traffic danger to our children (on one of the main walking routes to and from both primary and secondary schools in the area) and also the loss of our green spaces, wildlife habitats and pathways which local people have been using for decades.  We obviously can't stop developments which have already started but the residents in this area have just had enough and we just don't want any more - we want it to stop because if these other developments go ahead we feel that it will have a huge environmental impact on the area."

The residents have now got together to form the Kingsley Ward Action Group to try to fight against any further developments.

John added:

"We are not "nimbys" and we realise the need for new housing but to approve so many developments in the same small area seems to us to be ludicrous when the infrastructure is not in place and the existing road network is just not designed to cope with that much extra traffic.  There is a strong feeling in the area that we need to preserve some of our green spaces before they all get swallowed up by concrete and brick.  This feeling is particularly borne out by residents of the approximately 80 houses on Kingsley Drive who stand to potentially lose the beautiful rural outlook they have enjoyed for decades."

In their statement, Persimmon Homes write that they envisage making a financial contribution via a Section 106 agreement in order to help provide additional school places to cater for new children who will live at the development.

Persimmon Homes aren’t the only builders taking action in the area, with councillors in November approving Stonebridge Projects’ bid to build 90 homes on greenfield land on Kingsley Road.

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