Yorkshire Para-Cycling International Timings

Yorkshire Para-Cycling International Timings

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 9:21am 21st September 2019. (Updated at 9:46am 21st September 2019)

Para-Cycling is coming to Wetherby and Harrogate in a big way today.

For the very first time, a Para-cycling race is taking place alongside the UCI Road World Championships. The Yorkshire 2019 Para-Cycling International will see riders start from three different locations along the same route and all finish in Harrogate.

The race will comprise four groups of para-cyclists, with a total of 13 para-cycling classifications for both men and women. The groups are;

  • B - Tandem (visually impaired riders with a sighted pilot on the front),
  • C - Bicycle (riders with physical impairments using an adapted bicycle to assist them),
  • H - Handcycle (riders with impairments affecting either both legs or a combination of the upper and lower limbs),
  • T - Tricycle (riders with cerebral palsy, neurological conditions or unable to ride a bicycle)

The races take place on a point-to-point route between Beverley and Harrogate. There are 3 start locations along the route - Beverley, Tadcaster and Wetherby. All races finish in Harrogate. 

  • The 106km stage from Beverly starts at midday with the riders expected to arrive in Harrogate at around 3:25pm.
  • The 57km Tadcaster stage starts at 2pm with the finish in Harrogate also at 3:25pm.
  • There are two events starting in Wetherby. The 41km stage starts at 3pm with riders due in to Harrogate at 4:15pm. The 21km stage starts just after 3pm with riders due in to Harrogate at 3:50pm.

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