: Waiting for next track...

: Waiting for next track...

LIVE: UCI Road World Championships Day 6

LIVE: UCI Road World Championships Day 6

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 11:04pm 25th September 2019. (Updated at 4:52pm 26th September 2019)

We switch to Road Racing today, with the Men's Junior race. And that means a change in road closures...



That's just about all from us for today.  We'll be back in the morning.  I'll leave you with some shots of the riders speeding through Harrogate earlier.


All roads re-opened



Now's the time to start planning your journeys for tomorrow.

It's a double race day with closures coming from 9am in the centre of Harrogate and again from 3:45pm.

Both races go from Doncaster to Harrogate but take different routes.

Rolling closures will affect Wetherby to Harrogate (via Wetherby Road and Skipton Road) from around 10am.

In the PM you can expect rolling closures from Thorp Arch to Boroughbridge from around 4pm.

Then it'll head to Ripon, Pateley Bridge then Hampsthwaite and the A59 into Harrogate via Ripon Road by about 5pm.

The race has been shortened, so should finish around 6:30pm in town.

Why not make it Early Finish Friday and go enjoy some atmosphere in town? Rush hour could be fun!

Check the full guide for Day 7 now and we'll be live with the blog from around 7:30am.



Crossing points open

Back to AMBER closures on the Harrogate Circuit now, so vehicles can cross. Fully open from around 5pm this evening.


It's more glam than this office

Will's had a ride in a race car! It's more exciting than my messy desk...


Medal from the Mayor

Here's the World Champion being crowned by Harrogate's own Stuart Martin


What a finish!

The moment the man became World Champion


Road racing still going

Due to the weather the race got quite spaced out. Which means other riders are still on course finishing.

That means crossing points won't open until it's safe to do so.

Meanwhile, here's the big sprint to the finish for bronze:


It's all over

And it was a USA 1/3!


Here's the leader on the final charge

He's not gonna get caught... the World Champion rainbow jersey will be his.

The race for bronze is good though. Could well be a 1,3 from the USA.


Poncho pals?

I'm not usually into a poncho.

But I could make an exception for this...


Crossing the line for the penultimate time

Simmons is a machine - looks like his big break has worked out, he's opened up a decent lead over 2nd, who's a decent time ahead of the peloton.

Could be a sprint for bronze!


To poo or not to poo?

By the way, we've sent a reporter out to get the lowdown on that surprise visit from a desperate rider.

We'll let you know if we get any movement...


No negs please

Don't listen to the moaners - people are turning out for a junior race even with the awful weather.


It's heating up in the race

All getting exciting as the leader is out on his own, with over 30 second gap to 2nd place. Final lap underway


Summerscales Sights

Big turnout for one of the big climbs on the A59.

This bit might well still be closed.


A59 & A61 now open

Thanks for being patient. Ripon Road open now from Little Wonder to Hydro and the A59 fully open.

The race has 20km to go on the Harrogate Circuit.


Bit damp in Harrogate

We've got some ace footage though!


It's going to be some finish this

The leader is waving at fans and he's so far ahead. Let's hope he doesn't regret that!


One or Two?

Here's that moment in video...


Confirmation of road closure delay

The weather's caused a bit of havoc!


What did he need?

A rider's taken a break at Noir in Harrogate. We imagine it was for more than a haircut!!


Pictures of the graft

The riders are now onto their first lap of the Harrogate Circuit.

Check out their trip down the A59 here:


Road closure update

It looks like the roads due to open by 3pm (A59 into Little Wonder Roundabout and Ripon road down to the Hydro). may open slightly later than expected due to the weather. We'll let you know when they fully open.


Race well along A59

So expect it to start opening from Bolton Abbey onwards slowly in the next half hour to 45 minutes.
Closer to Harrogate it'll be more like an hour.


It's heating up as they thunder towards Harrogate

The USA pulling away. Can anyone else keep up? The weather is SO bad!


It's so wet

Riders coming off bikes all over the place in the peloton as they head towards the A59. 

Slippy surfaces causing issues.

And the rain is coming down in Harrogate too. Yorkshire doesn't make it easy for these young riders.



Leading from the front!


Watch the full clip

It just shows how much it means to these riders.

Riders now heading past Bolton Abbey and to Summerscales on the A59.


Don't cry for me Colombia...

Absolutely heart breaking scenes as a Colombian rider gets a puncture but his team aren't there to get him a new wheel.

He's in tears on the side of the road near Burnsall.

Remember, these riders are at the start of their careers. They're all born in 2001 or 2002 so only 17 or 18.

Finally a sponsor car stops and gets him back on his way. He's got some ground to catch up!!


Crossing points closing

Roads on the Harrogate Circuit and Ripon Road section from the Hydro down now fully closing until 4pm. Then it's crossing points again until 5pm.

Rolling road closures on A59 from Bolton Abbey to Harrogate and Ripon Road from Little Wonder Roundabout to Hydro remain closed until 3pm once the race has passed.

Elsewhere you may see some pretty serious riders out and about ahead of the elite races this weekend:


Will Smith in a race car

King of the blag, Will Smith is going to be out in a race car with the race itself when it's on the Harrogate Circuit.

He's getting all the fun jobs!

If you're at the fan zone, keep an eye out for him!


Race currently in Kilnsey

Watching some amazing footage of Kilnsey Crag on the telly box.

Nobody's doing any work in the Stray FM office as we're looking at places we know.

It's also a feed station here, where they literally take on some food etc.


Rolling closures on A59 and into Harrogate.

If they're not closed yet, they will soon.

That's the A59 from Bolton Abbey to Harrogate, the New Park roundabout, then down Ripon Road into town.

They'll open once race passes by around 3pm.

Ripon Road from Hydro down to town remains closed until 5pm.


Shameless plug

The race has just past Bolton Castle. It's lovely there. You should go. If only it was half price...



Apparently this weather is good for bike racing...

Trust us pal, the weather can get a bit old...


Road closures

North of Bolton Abbey are now closed as the race begins to approach.

It's worth noting that the final 42km of the race are on the Harrogate Circuit.

Roads from Bolton Abbey into Harrogate along the A59 and down Ripon Road to town will start to close from 1:40pm.

Remember, roads around the circuit are on amber closures


Forget Brit-watch it's YORKSHIRE WATCH today.

One to look out for is Leeds' Sam Watson.


Climbing Kidstones Bank

And it's wet. Just watching riders slip off their bikes on the bank.

I mean, who would have thought? Rain. In the dales. In September.


You can watch along

Don't rely on me for full coverage of the race. I'll bring you highlights, but if you want to watch along you can do so on the BBC website or red button.

Team GB and the USA are battling from the front. Some might draw some comparison between that and politics. Not me though. I don't want to lower the tone.


35km down, 112km to go

Easy mate, I could do that in my sleep... on a plane.


You know you've made it when...

The Royal Family tweet!!


Big interview

Just in... we've managed to set Will Smith up with an interview with Otley's own Lizzie Deignan - Team GB's big hope for Saturday's Elite Women's Road Roce.

Let's hope it goes better than this...


Riders pushing on...

There's a bit of a breakaway from the main group. (If you're not a cycling fan, the main group are called the Peloton).


Expect more of this

Bigger crowds are expected over the weekend as we culminated with the big events.


Oh that's an easy one...

See if you can work out where the race is...


Road closures begin shortly in Harrogate

The Harrogate Circuit and Ripon Road from the Hydro all go "AMBER" from 12:45-2pm. If you've forgotten what that means, it means that you can CROSS in cars/vans/trucks/mopeds/any other roadworthy vehicle, but not drive along the roads.

Crossing points on this map:

DAY 6 ROAD CLOSURES: Harrogate Area



It's not been plan sailing so far...

It's amazing how much of a tumble these guys can take and still get back on their bikes...


And they're off...

Here's the riders leaving the start at Richmond


Fan Zone open

All good to go for fun!


Closure now!

There's a hill climb that they've closed early for infrastructure and safety. It's on the A59, so look out for diversions...


Richmond is Ready

The crowds have turned out (and so has the sun a bit by the looks!)

10 minutes until start!


Where's this race going?

From Richmond it'll head to Leyburn and then through Aysgarth to Burnsall and Bolton Abbey before heading down the A59 from there to Harrogate.

You know the A59 right? The one with the landslides that closed it for ages? 

The closure on there today will be shorter than that one was!!

Men Junior Road Race

Watch out for this car...

When this car passes it means the roads will be about to open! A welcome sight for some I imagine...


Fan Zone delayed opening

The rain last night seems to have meant the Fan Zone has had to open slightly later than anticipated. It was due to open at 11.


Not long to go

Road closures in Harrogate from 12:45pm.

Rolling road closures along the route from Richmond through the Dales to Bolton Abbey and then to Harrogate as the race progresses.


Road Racing - what's that?

Up until now every UCI Road World Championships race has been a Time Trial - that means riders set off at intervals and the fastest time wins.

From now on all the races are road races. That means it's first across the line to win.

Clear? No? Watch this then...


Win a hat!

Out and about for the racing? Make sure you share your photos with the council if you fancy winning the most Yorkshire of prizes...


Right on Richmond

The start today is the furthest North of the Championships.

How come it's sunnier there than Harrogate?!


Royal Fan Zone

Even though racing is quieter there's some action in the Fan Zone in the form of a Royal guest...



Quite nice to have a little bit of a break this morning - no big road closures until this afternoon - all quite relaxing.

We're back for the next race, the Men's Junior Road Race, which leaves Richmond just after 12..


More to follow

Updates here tomorrow, with basic service until racing starts in the early afternoon.

Thursday sees the start of road racing, which means ROLLING ROAD CLOSURES for everywhere outside of central Harrogate. This is more like what we're used to from things like the Tour de Yorkshire. Roads will close for roughly 1 hour to 90 mins, with police closing roads as the race approaches and opening them when safe.

See the full guide to Day 6 with the map from Richmond to Harrogate, via Bolton Abbey and the A59 here.