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LIVE: UCI Road World Championships Day 9

LIVE: UCI Road World Championships Day 9

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 6:16pm 28th September 2019. (Updated at 6:30pm 29th September 2019)

The elite men are completing a shorter 261km route today, due to heavy rain.


Stray FM waves off the world!

From me, Seb, on the live blog today, it's been a long one, but it's been fabulous.

If you've got involved in any of the action over the past 9 days, THANK YOU. You've made it all worth it.



Harrogate Circuit Reopened

Traffic's still moving slowly, but all roads on the Circuit are open.



Can you spot yourself?


The amount of pun potential is Mads.

Today's winner was 23-year-old Mads Pedersen, of Denmark.

I'm sure you'll agree, there's a lot of potential for puns around his name.

And, of course, Mads scenes.

Although apparently, we're all pronouncing his name wrong.


Getting out of Harrogate is currently a nightmare

Everything is slow.

Add to that some flooding, and you have plenty of reasons to stay in Harrogate for a bit.

Scroll down for ideas of things you can do in the town for the evening...


Word of the day: Scenes.

Absolute scenes, mad scenes, Mads scenes...all the scenes!

Oh, and behind the scenes, the most important kind of scenes.


All the emotional tweets are coming in...

Share your thoughts about the last week of action with us on Twitter and Facebook!


The Harrogate circuit is partially open

You can get along the Otley Road section...


Reminder: Lighting Installation is open tonight

Something else to do for the evening...!


We're starting to get emotional

It's. Been. A. Week.


"I gave everything"

Yorkshire's own Ben Swift suffered at the hands of the rain...


Need something to warm you up?

We've got the perfect solution.


We need your recommendations!


Need to get back to Leeds?

With Northern Rail services delayed by flooding on train lines, you might fins it easier by bus...


Absolute scenes!

I don't really understand what's going on, but I sort of want to be involved...


Today was properly brutal

But three riders rode over the rest...

Now time for a hot chocolate and a bath methinks!


An actual caravan

This one's not giving away freebies, but it certainly looks more like a caravan than the publicity caravan...


Crossing points on Harrogate Circuit open

We'll let you know when the roads fully re-open.


Denmark, Italy, Switzerland

That's the podium, as 23-year-old Mads Pedersen wins the elite men's road race, taking the final rainbow jersey after six and a half hours in the saddle.

He's the first ever Danish winner of this race.

Congrats, Mads!


"Feels like about a week"

I'll be honest, it does feel like it's been ages since the race started this morning...

Imagine what it's like being in the race and taking part though...


Team GB are out...

The last UK rider drops back from the chasing group.

For any tabloid newspaper editors out there, here's your headline: Ben (not-so) Swift.

You're welcome.


There's DRAMA!

I'll be honest, I don't really understand it, but in case you do...



Not much longer to wait outside in the rain...



Quote of the day?

I mean this is quite the summary. On a not-very-summery day...


The #Yorkshire2019 Slip-and-Slide

These conditions are absolutely brutal...



More travel advice from the organisers

Tips to avoid delays at Harrogate train station...


What is going on?

I'm so confused, but in the best way...


Join the party at the Yorkshire Hotel

Could this be the perfect alternative to the fan zone?


You sure about that?

I got my hopes up for a moment, then looked out of the window...

Click here for a full weather forecast.


Near the end!

On the last few laps of the Harrogate circuit, cyclists are really pushing to get on the podium.


Train delays

Flooding is causing delays to trains running between Harrogate and Leeds.

If you want to get from Leeds to Harrogate and don't want to wait for a train, have you thought of cycling? I've heard it's quite a popular route these days...


Just a quick road closure reminder

Roads around the Harrogate Circuit are closed until 6pm, with crossing points opening at 4.


There's plenty going on in Harrogate

The official fan zone may be closed today, but that's no reason not to stay in the town after the race this evening.


Bring your own box

The Leeds fan zone isn't the best place for fans who are...well...short.


It's going off in Harrogate!

Cycling fans are creating a real party atmosphere in Harrogate at the moment...

Surprised, Gareth?


Woohoo! Go UK!

With 83km to go, Team GB were holding good places in the race.


Fancy a day out in Cambridge?

I know. Seems a random question.

But to get from the finish line in Harrogate to the city of Cambridge, you'd have to travel the about 160 miles, which is the same distance that the elite men are cycling today!

If you're interested, today's route is also equivalent to 18,643 average-length buses, or 10,440 blue whales.



It's a bit wet out

Have you heard? It's raining.


Just a reminder if you're out watching the race today

Riders have it hard enough with the weather conditions - help them out!


In case you need a reminder why the fan zone is closed

This is the area TV crews are supposed to be broadcasting from, inside the fan zone...


A crash in Harrogate means a Belgian favourite is out.

Philippe Gilbert had been tipped as someone to win, but after a crash on the Harrogate Circuit, he's out of the competition.


This will help warm you up if you're out in the cold...

After Belgian title hopeful Philippe Gilbert crashed, his 19-year-old teammate Remco Evenepoel stayed behind to help him get back on the road.

We just love this - Gilbert helped to train Evenepoel, and now Remco's paid back that favour.



Does anyone fancy delivering some pizza to Stray FM towers?


Ripon roads open

You know the drill by now...


Half way there!

*insert witty line about the Bon Jovi song*


First dogs, now dinosaurs?

Am I going mad?


Cycling dogs?!

Yep, you read that right...


Keeping you safe...

A huge shout-out to everyone working through the terrible weather today to keep us safe!


Wondering where to go this afternoon?

Harrogate local Gareth Everson put together a list of 100 places you could visit if you're at a loose end in town tonight.

If you misses it - the fan zone on The Stray is closed today due to bad weather.


"Brace yourselves Harrogate"

It seems the next train from Leeds will be full of cycling fans...


I'll be honest, I'm glad I'm sitting in Stray FM towers not out on the road.

But it seems plenty of Yorkshire folk are out and about to support the racers!


Is this cycling or swimming?

The riders have got a mini lake waiting for them when they get to the Harrogate circuit in the next half hour.


The rain isn't going to stop fans in Harrogate

Routesides are filling up in the town.

But organisers are encouraging spectators to stay warm and dry.


Ripon Roads closing

Roads in the City are closed, as it fills with umbrellas...and fans waiting to watch the race!


Yorkshire's gorgeous, even in the rain

It's undeniable - send us your pics on Twitter!



The publicity caravan is in town!

(No, we don't know why it's called a caravan either)


Has there ever been a wetter UCI Champs?

Welcome to Yorkshire in September...


Saving the planet...

Teams are being encouraged to help save the planet and tackle poverty in Malawi.

A cycling charity is upcycling used bike parts which will be turned into art.


Looking for somewhere to watch the action today?

After the fan zone was closed this morning, there are lots more options for places to get a piece of the action.

Got any ideas? Drop us a tweet!


Here are the new timings for today

So you can pop out and see it!


Skipton, you've done very well!

It's lovely to see you all out and about!


Travelling home by Train?

Northern Rail want you to reconsider your travel plans.

They say that, with the race expected to end earlier than first planned, and the fan zone closed, trains will be really busy.

They've put on extra services later in the evening, and want people to use those instead!


Roads closed on the new route section

The A684 from Aysgarth to Leyburn is now closed.


Flooding's causing big problems

But the fire service are trying to sort it!


Cyclists told to keep things slow

It's because of flooding concerns


Roads in Otley and Ilkley open

We'll keep you updated with all the info about the roads throughout the day.


The racing's gone through Skipton...

....where Stray FM's Pete Egerton is spending the day!


Hear what team GB triathlete Tom Bishop had to say to Pete...

"The support just pushes you on..."

And it seems that today, Yorkshire, you're doing a decent job of showing that support...


"Pub crawl anyone?"

It seems we accidentally broke the news that The Feeling aren't playing tonight to...The Feeling!

If you've got any ideas for what they could get up to tonight in Harrogate, let us know on Twitter!


Road Closures

After today's route was changed, the road closure timetable is all change!

No official timings have been released yet, but this is what we imagine will be happening in terms of road closures. It's not a full list, but hopefully it's helpful!

Here's when we expect roads to be closed along the route:

  • Kilnsey & Kettlewell: 10:00 to 10:55
  • Bishopdale & Aysgarth: 10:25 to 11:30
  • Leyburn, Middleham & East Witton: 10:40 to 12:00
  • Masham & West Tanfield: 11:10 to 12:30
  • Ripon: 11:30 to 12:40
  • Ripley & Killinghall: 11:45 to 12:55

The Harrogate Circuit is expected to be closed from 10.30am until about 6pm.

We'll update you as roads close along the route.


CONFIRMED: Roads closed in Skipton

But all the timings are different to the original ones...


Fan zone staying closed

Yorkshire 2019 say there will be no live music or other events tonight.


Expected road closures: Harrogate and Otley, Ilkley and Skipton

With the new route, here's when we're expecting roads to be closed.

What doesn't help is that the race started 9 minutes late, so it's a bit of guesswork. We're doing our best!

Harrogate: this is due to be the same as originally planned, so the circuit (and Ripon Road sector) will be closed from 10.30am to around 5pm.

Otley: With the race passing through around 9.40, roads will already be closed, expected to open around 9.55am.

Ilkley: roads are also lkely to already be closed, opening around 10.10am. The race is due to pass through between 9.42 and 9.53am.

Skipton: The race is due through between 10.05 and 10.15am, so roads are likely to be closed from about 9.30am to 10.30am.

Look out for the 'race end' car. That's your indicator roads are opening again.


And we're off!

The racers are expected to ride through the neutral start for the next 20 minutes, before officially getting underway at 9.30. -ish.


5 minutes!

The race director is reporting we'll be off in 5 minutes, over half an hour after originally planned.

Some theories around the reason for the delay...


Publicity Caravan Route Confirmed

If you're here for the freebies, here's exactly how to get your hands on them.


Fan zone closed

Organisers hope to open it later on, but currently the Stray is too wet.


New timings announced.

The new timings have been announced following the route change.

We're piecing together what this means for road closures and will update when we can.


Good morning!

Seb here, with you until 6pm!

So. It's been a busy one so far.

Click here for a full update.


More to follow

Updates will appear here from around 8am.

Read the full guide to the final day of the UCI Road World Championships here