VIDEO: Harrogate school pupils stage climate protest

VIDEO: Harrogate school pupils stage climate protest

Published by Harry Long at 2:26pm 14th February 2020.

Schoolchildren protested and marched around Harrogate this morning to demonstrate about climate change. 

  • School pupils from around Harrogate held a climate change protest this morning.  
  • The demonstration was part of the Youth Strike For Climate.
  • Protesters demonstrated at Harrogate Cenotaph and marched around the town centre.   

The protest was part of the Youth Strike For Climate, which has seen students walk out of lessons to take part in protests around the county.  

The protest, held at the Cenotaph, was attended by around 40 people including parents.   

The protesters held banners reading "The climate is changing, why aren't we?" and "There is no planet B".  They marched around the centre of Harrogate shouting slogans such as "We want change" and "Missing our lessons to teach you yours."

Pupils from St Aidan's school and Western Primary School in Harrogate joined the demonstration, which lasted for around an hour. 

Members of Harrogate Green Party and Extinction Rebellion also attended.   

Students Lucy Amos (left) and Ava Turnbull (right) from St. Aidan's School
Students Lucy Amos (left) and Ava Turnbull (right) from St. Aidan's School

12 year-old Lucy Amos, from St Aidan's, said:

"We think that if we have loud enough voices we can shout around Harrogate and change people's minds about climate change.  We know that sea levels are rising and ice is melting.  We think that just because we're out of school doesn't mean we're missing our education.   

"My parents are really happy and our friends are really proud of us.  Even if it's only a few of us we think we can make a difference.  We want to stop global warming and make sure it doesn't happen."

Youth Strike For Climate in Harrogate

Ava Turnbull, who is also 12 and from St Aidan's, said:

"This is very important because it's our future.  We think it's very important that people realise...little things [like a five-minute drive to work] contribute to making a big difference [to climate change]." 

Sarah Hart, the mum of the one of the protesters, said:

"It's all about awareness really.  It's all about the children -  it's their strike so they take ownership of it.  It's making more and more people aware of climate change because it affects all of us.  It's also about making the schools aware.  At my daughter's school, the headteacher has formed a group for students to contribute ideas about how to make the school more environmentally aware, so it's been a real positive."

Youth Strike For Climate in Harrogate

Bill Rigby, a member of Harrogate Green Party, said:

"The climate emergency is a really serious matter and it's really important that society gets behind it.  It's really pleasing to see so many young people realise themselves that there's a need to take action and to try and get society to understand more clearly how serious the challenge is."

"It's an important part of children's learning that they understand how society works and feel that they can take action to try and help society to move on.  Everything that the children are doing is for the betterment of their own education."