Harrogate business leaders sleeping rough for charity

Harrogate business leaders sleeping rough for charity

Published by Harry Long at 2:32pm 3rd March 2020. (Updated at 2:43pm 3rd March 2020)

Business leaders from Harrogate will take part in a sleep-out at Harrogate Rugby Club next week - to raise money for homelessness.

  • CEOs from Harrogate companies will sleep rough at Harrogate Rugby Club on 12th March.  
  • It's to raise money for the Harrogate Homeless Project.  
  • The club is encouraging people to donate and join in.  

They'll be sleeping outside at the club grounds on Rudding Lane overnight on 12th March.  

Money raised will go to Harrogate Homeless Project and community-based projects at the club.  Staff from the club will also take part.

The Harrogate Homeless Project supports homeless people around the district and runs a homeless hostel on Bower Street.

It's the second sleep-out held at the club in six months, after a previous one in November. 

Harrogate Rugby Club
Harrogate Rugby Club

David Doherty is the Director of Rugby at the club.  He said:

"We've got a lot of business leaders coming - 25 to 30 in total - and we're still recruiting!  Lots of people will be down here supporting the event and hopefully we'll have a good event in the day.  We want it to be a really humbling experience and try and make it as organic as we can.  

"There is a perception that Harrogate is a very wealthy area - which it is.  But there's vast inequality, so some people have tremendous wealth and some people have very little resources.  I really want to highlight the fact that as a community we need to care for each other."

"I did the last sleep-out in November.  I probably wasn't as prepared as I will be this time!  At 1am the heavens opened and I was soaked to the skin.  It certainly was a humbling experience and gave me the experience of one night sleeping rough, compared to what can be months or years for some homeless people."  

"One of the big things at the rugby club is to realise people's potential.   People find themselves sleeping rough for various reasons, from breakup of their relationship, loss of job.  I'd like to think we in Harrogate can play our part to help people get back to their best."  

You can find out more and sign up for the sleep-out here.  David has set up a JustGiving Page where people can donate.