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Harrogate rehab centre to transform lives

Harrogate rehab centre to transform lives

Published by May Norman at 9:55am 16th March 2020.

Six months in, Bramall House is transforming people's lives

  • Drug and alcohol addicts are having their lives transformed, thanks to a rehabilitation centre near Harrogate.
  • Bramall House opened in September and offers independent living for 7 former substance abusers.
  • The women will also gain vital life and work skills, thanks to Horizon Life Training, who is behind the scheme.

Six months in, a rehabilitation centre in Harrogate is helping drug and alcohol addicts to transform their lives.

Bramhall House offers independent living for seven women affected by substance abuse.

It's run by Horizon Life Training - who also provide vital life and work skills to the tenants.

Bramall House, Harrogate
The cosy living room at Bramall House

Horizon Life Training is a Christian charity who opened Bramall House in September 2019.

Those who run Bramall House aim to equip the trainees with vital life and work skills.

The centre offers a 12-month training programme for former addicts - who come from all over the country, seeking help and support.

Bramall House, Harrogate
One of the bedrooms at Bramall House

Horizon Life Training also runs another rehabilitation centre near Harrogate - for men.

The project saw redundant farm buildings, at Killinghall, converted into training facilities for up to 15 men.

Bernie Frances is the centre manager at Bramall House.

She has told Stray FM, that the Killinghall centre has had some amazing results:

"Up to 75 per cent of men who have left the Killinghall Residential Centre have successfully gone back into the community.

"The're successfully holding tenancy agreements and up skilled back into employment.

"It's amazing - both centres provide life-changing experiences."

Both Bramall House and the site in Killingall facilitates the education and training of men and women in separate supported residential settings.

The scheme gives recovering alcohol and drug addicts the opportunity to take full responsibility for their lives, gain self-respect and begin to support themselves financially.

The charity says it does this 'through a journey of continuous transformation, practical skill-building and purpose.'

Bramall House, Harrogate
One of the comfortable social areas within Bramall House

Working with training providers such as Harrogate Adult Learning, the Higher Education Colleges in Harrogate, Leeds and York, and local businesses, tradesmen and the care sector, Horizon facilitates bespoke training packages for its residents.

Sarah Clarke - the duty officer at Bramall House said:

"For me, I just want to be that person who whispers into their ear "come on, you can do it - just a bit more, just push a bit more".

"I am on the sidelines - we all are - and so we do a lot of work in the background, helping the tenants realise their potential."

For more information, please visit Horizon Life Training.