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George Michael / Aretha Franklin: I Knew You Were WaitingiTunesAmazon

Coronavirus: Open for Business

Coronavirus: Open for Business

Published by May Norman at 8:43am 18th March 2020.

Open for Business: Stray FM supports local companies during the infection outbreak

Working from home, self-isolation and cancelled events - social distancing is necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus but it could be devastating for local businesses.

Many local companies fear the economic impact of the infection - with some already reporting a drop in customers, visitors, and sales.

However, Stray FM wants to help ease any coronavirus affects with our Open for Business campaign.

It's a FREE platform for businesses to announce if they are making any changes to adapt during the virus outbreak.

Managing Director of Stray FM Sarah Barry said:

"We have all faced crises in our businesses before, but this is unprecedented.

"It’s affecting everybody locally, regionally, nationally and globally. No business large or small can escape the impacts of this. We’re all in this together.

"We understand the difficulties faced by many of our local businesses and wanted to do something to help and support them.

"Stray FM's 'Open for Business' will allow local companies to announce any changes which are being introduced during the virus outbreak.’’

Perhaps the business is still open, starting a new delivery service or changing opening hours, Stray FM is encouraging any businesses to submit their information on the 'Open for Business' campaign web page in order to communicate to the community exactly what they're doing.  

It's also a great opportunity for people to have a look through and help support local companies through these tough times.

For Stray FM's Open for Business, click here.