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Coronavirus: West Yorkshire Police reassure public

Coronavirus: West Yorkshire Police reassure public

Published by Harry Long at 11:12am 19th March 2020.

West Yorkshire Police say they are working to keep the public safe amid the ongoing threat from coronavirus.

  • West Yorkshire Police are reassuring the public about coronavirus. 
  • The force says they will continue to provide services to the public. 
  • They're urging people to "think carefully" before calling 999 or 101 during the pandemic.  

Chief Constable John Robins and West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson today reassured communities that plans were in place to ensure that the force continued to provide a service to the public.

Chief Constable John Robins QPM said:

“We have seen over the last few days the developing situation regarding the pandemic and how we are all preparing for the future weeks and months ahead. Understandably there is widespread public concern and every public service now faces some significant challenges.  

"However the public can be reassured that we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure their safety. We have an amazing and dedicated workforce of police officers, police staff, Special Constables and volunteers who are used to dealing with major incidents and who will do everything they can to keep the people of West Yorkshire safe.

“The public can help us manage our demand by thinking carefully before they call either 999 or the 101 non-emergency number, so that we can help those who are facing an emergency situation get the help they so urgently need quickly."  

Police officers

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Mark Burns-Williamson OBE said:

“My priority as PCC is to ensure vulnerable people and victims of crime have the ongoing support of the police and access to the vital services they need through this pandemic, many of which are commissioned through my Office with key partners.

“Officers and staff at West Yorkshire Police, and my office are all committed to doing everything we can to support our communities during these unprecedented times."


He added: 

“I am regularly in contact with the Chief Constable on how West Yorkshire Police are adapting and responding to these ongoing issues and I am assured the situation is being managed effectively in such challenging circumstances through the West Yorkshire resilience structures.

“We are committed to keeping West Yorkshire safe and feeling safe in these unique times and we can be contacted in the usual way with any concerns as the situation develops which will be kept under review day by day."