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Ilkley entrepreneur gives home-schooling tips

Ilkley entrepreneur gives home-schooling tips

Published by Harry Long at 6:45am 23rd March 2020.

An entrepreneur from Ilkley is giving some tips on how to home-educate children during the outbreak.  

  • An entrepreneur from Ilkley is giving some tips on how to home-educate children.
  • It's after many schools across England closed on Friday. 
  • Steph Heald says home-schooling offers some unique opportunities for parents and children.  

Steph Heald works as a Business and Success Coach.

She says there are a few simple steps people can take to help.

Business and Success coach Steph Heald
Steph Heald

Steph says home-schooling can mean a chance to have valuable time with children:

She said:

"There are a lot of unknowns for people at the moment.  it's difficult to know how long children will be at home for.  All I would say to parents is to take it one day at a time and use the opportunity to connect with your child.  

"They are feeling unsettled as well, so the more that you can relax and have fun with them -  the better.  Don't look too far into the future, all we've got is now.  Just enjoy it while we can." 

Steph's tips are:

1. Look after yourself first
Make time for peace and quiet. Breathe deeply. Stretch. Get out in nature if you can. Drink enough water. Get plenty of sleep. Carve out time whenever you can to replenish yourself. If this involves TV/tablet time then do it. There are no prizes being given out here. Maintaining your mental health is your priority. ⁣

2. Set clear boundaries⁣
This is essential for everyone. What time do you need to complete your work and when? If you don't set clear boundaries, you will get frustrated and this will have a knock-on effect. If you have a partner, let them know what you need. If your kids are old enough, talk to them about your boundaries and why they are important. Ask them about theirs. If they are very young and you have no support, utilise pockets of time when you can.⁣

3. Relax and have fun⁣
Play is the highest form of research. Let them play. Don't feel the need to 'teach' or instruct them. It is proven that kids learn more and best through play. Take the pressure off yourself and them. Have fun together. Use this precious time for laughter and connection. ⁣