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Coronavirus: Patient visiting suspended at Harrogate Hospital

Coronavirus: Patient visiting suspended at Harrogate Hospital

Published by May Norman at 8:40am 25th March 2020.

Hospital bosses suspend patient visiting

  • The hospital trust which runs Harrogate Hospital has suspended all visits to its hospital wards.
  • There are a few exceptions - such as the maternity department.
  • The move is to protect patients and staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

Patient visiting has been suspended at Harrogate District Hospital with immediate effect, officials have announced.

The hospital trust says it is working really hard to prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect patients and staff from becoming seriously ill.

And in a bid to achieve that goal, officials have taken the decision to suspend visiting wards with immediate effect.

There are only a few exceptions such as the maternity department, which will allow one birthing partner to attend and parents who do not show symptoms of infection can visit their children.

NHS Coronavirus Pod Sign

In a statement on its website, Harrogate District Hospital said:

"With immediate effect and in line with social distancing, we are suspending all inpatient visiting arrangements, with a small number of exceptions.

"Visiting is suspended until further notice except in the below exceptional circumstances, where relatives will need to contact the ward or department in advance to discuss appropriate arrangements for ONE person to visit: 

  • the patient is receiving end-of-life care*
  • the visitor needs to be accompanied – accompanying visitors should not stay in patient, ward or communal areas*
  • they are a birthing partner accompanying a woman in labour
  • an adult is accompanying their child in a paediatric or neonatal department

*as agreed with the nurse in charge

In the community, colleagues must aim for a minimal number of visits, instead using technology to facilitate remote appointments. We know that many teams are doing this already and that is much appreciated."