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Coronavirus: Digital campaign launched to support Skipton businesses

Coronavirus: Digital campaign launched to support Skipton businesses

Published by Lisa Darvill at 7:18am 2nd April 2020.

Skipton BID has created a digital campaign to support local business during the coronavirus outbreak. 

  • The campaign's called #AtHomeInSkipton 
  • The aim is to promote awareness of local products and services 
  • Skipton BID has identified seven lifestyle categories 
  • These include 'social', 'nourish' and 'move' 

As travel restrictions, shop closures and social distancing measures are imposed, Skipton BID has launched a digital campaign called #AtHomeInSkipton to support online trade awareness of local products and services that residents can access and purchase while isolating in their homes. 

The #AtHomeInSkipton campaign has been designed to drive awareness in proactive and collaborative ways for people to care for themselves, their community and continue to support the businesses they trust. 

The local business community is invited to get involved with the new campaign by using hashtags in their own digital content, whether it's a social media post or a YouTube video.

Geraldine Thompson, Skipton BID Manager explains:

"We have such a solid resource of expert advice, business services and wonderful retail diversity in Skipton and now more than ever is it important to support and draw on that offering. Business and health experts are seeking to reach out to residents and business owners to help them stay well and offer guidance through these uncertain times. And residents need that support too for their new daily lives, no matter how short or long term this period of isolation may be."

Skipton BID has identified seven areas to create a digital reference guide. They include: 

  • Nourish: recipes, interviews and how-to video tutorials focusing on foods with key nutrients and easy strategies to support the immune system, reduce stress and improve wellbeing along with the hidden power of certain everyday store-cupboard ingredients.
  • Live: the importance of establishing a happy home with household tips, maintenance advice, pet advice, learning about interiors to improve social spaces in small homes, promote healthy sleep patterns, establishing new routines and rituals for living happily together.
  • Move: from at-home workouts to live meditation sessions or yoga poses and tips for boosting energy, or releasing pent-up energy when working and staying at home.
  • Sustainable: adapted activities inspired by the nature and sustainable resources, gardening,  with tips to try at home as we embrace this period of social distancing and endeavour to live more sustainably, making the most of whatever nature is around or available.
  • Connect: staying connected to reduce anxiety and loneliness when practicing social distancing and how to check in with others and remain community-focused, especially when it comes to those more vulnerable.
  • Mindfulness: helping people shift energies and priorities from worrying about what can't be controlled to focusing on the present moment, whether that is setting up a home working environment, tips on staying grounded or how to managing your finances.
  • Social: creating a virtual bubble for Skipton, hosting real time events to allow and encourage the formation and interaction of online social groups such as teams, clubs, groups and neighbourhoods that would normally meet in real-world social places.

Geraldine added:

"I commend the many businesses that have been able to adapt and diversify their offering so quickly to cater for the public under the very challenging new social distancing measures. Everyone is keen to continue and support new daily needs and routines in all manner of ways possible for businesses and livelihoods to survive. We all need to boost our immune system, support local business and maintain a positive mindset. Collectively we can make a success of being #AtHomeInSkipton."

For more information visit Skipton BID.