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Coronavirus: Hospice in Boston Spa appealing for donations

Coronavirus: Hospice in Boston Spa appealing for donations

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 4:25pm 9th April 2020.

A Boston Spa Children's Hospice is welcoming government aid - but says it still needs help to keep going during the coronavirus crisis.

  • Martin House hospice is appealing for help to keep operating throughout the virus outbreak.  
  • The charity expects to to lose £1.7m in three months - despite a share of government money.  
  • The charity cares for children in North and West Yorkshire with life-shortening conditions.

Martin House will receive a share of 200 million pounds, earmarked by the chancellor for hospices. 

However, the charity expects to lose 1 point 7 million in three months due to the lockdown - and has launched an urgent online appeal to raise as much as possible. 

Martin Warhurst, chief executive of Martin House, said:

“This money is a welcome relief in the short-term, but it in no way makes up for the loss of our voluntary income, and the lockdown is still hurting us badly.

“But it does mean we can play our part in supporting the NHS during this crisis. We are an integral part of the healthcare system, and we are helping the fight against Covid-19 by providing care to children who would otherwise be in hospital, and working to prevent hospital admissions, freeing up beds for coronavirus patients.”

Martin Warhurst from Martin House hospice
Martin Warhurst

It relies on fundraising for nearly 90 per cent of its £9 million a year running costs, as it provides care to more than 400 babies, children and young people across West, North and East Yorkshire with life-shortening conditions.

The hospice has seen a total collapse in its voluntary income since the lockdown, which has forced it to close its charity shops and cancel fundraising events. 

Martin said:

“It’s far from an ideal solution, but we have no other choice. I want to emphasise that our care team is still here, and we are still providing expert, specialist care to children and young people.

“Martin House has been here for families in Yorkshire for more than 30 years, and we are doing everything we can to make sure we are still here when we emerge from this crisis.”

You can donate to Martin House’s online appeal here.