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Stranded Gargrave man back home thanks to public appeal

Stranded Gargrave man back home thanks to public appeal

Published by Lisa Darvill at 5:48am 20th April 2020.

A Gargrave man, who was stranded in Spain after suffering a stroke, is back home in the UK. 

Ben Lord fell ill whilst on holiday in Lanzarote last month (March).

He had a stroke and a subsequent bleed on the brain while on holiday with his wife, Lyn.   

His family launched an urgent appeal to bring him home as his insurance didn't cover his or his wife's repatriation to the UK.

The appeal reached its target and Ben was flown home via air ambulance last week. 

He's now recovering in Airedale Hospital. 

Family friend John Baker said: 

"The family would like to thank everybody in he Gargrave community and people who donated. 

"We raised well over £22,000 to bring Ben home. 

"He's in reasonable spirits. He's able to talk a lot better than he was. His right leg and right arm are still lacking in movement  but with the physio up at Airedale I'm sure he'll improve greatly."