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Coronavirus: Drive-in market in Harrogate

Coronavirus: Drive-in market in Harrogate

Published by Harry Long at 7:22am 1st May 2020. (Updated at 7:24am 1st May 2020)

A drive-in market in Harrogate is helping people do their shopping during the virus outbreak.   

  • Harrogate Tipple have set up a drive-in market in Harrogate. 
  • It's to make shopping easier during the virus outbreak. 
  • An order can be placed on the website or items can be chosen at the market itself.   

The market, run by Harrogate Tipple, started this week and sells a range of food and drink.   

A click and collect service allows people to order and pay online before collecting their shopping - or you can simply turn up and order from your car.     

Steven Green from Harrogate Tipple said:

"The idea stemmed from something I'd seen many years ago travelling in Australia.  We went into one of these drive-in liquor stores which I just loved.  You don't get out of your car and they put the crate of beer or wine into your boot and off you go." 

Steven said they wanted to set up the market to make things easier for people during the lockdown:

"Social distancing and not having contact with anyone, this is the most important thing.  Looking at the local companies that we know very well, who are on their knees at the moment with loss of business -  we wanted to support those guys as well."

You can find out more and order from the market here.