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Coronavirus: More than 60 fines issued to people visiting North Yorkshire over weekend

Coronavirus: More than 60 fines issued to people visiting North Yorkshire over weekend

Published by Harry Long at 3:32pm 4th May 2020.

North Yorkshire Police says people are still ignoring advice to stay away from the county at weekends.  

  • North Yorkshire Police issued more than 60 fines to people visiting the county over the weekend.
  • 12 of the 61 fines were issued to people visiting Malham.  
  • A group from Essex suffered minor injuries in a collision near Pateley Bridge.

61 fines were issued to people visiting on across Saturday and Sunday.

The force says Malham again proved to be a ‘hot-spot’ for out-of-area day-trippers, with 12 of the 61 fines issued being in the vicinity.

Nine of those fines were issued to a group of men, who had travelled to Malham from Halifax, Braford and Southend-on-Sea.

Officers from the Roads Policing Group were also kept busy responding to collisions across the region, one of which was near to Pateley Bridge and involved a group from Essex, who fortunately suffered only minor injuries.

Malham Cove - Pixabay
Malham Cove

Speaking about the weekend’s activities Assistant Chief Constable Mike Walker said:

“Yet again we’ve seen a number of people ignoring both Government advice and the multiple requests we have made stay away from North Yorkshire.

“Sadly there seems to be a minority of people who think that they are immune to the COVID-19 virus and who choose to not only endanger themselves, but also endanger others through their irresponsible behaviour.

“By travelling long distances and meeting up with friends you expose yourself and others to the virus, put strain on the emergency services who are working hard to keep as many people as possible safe and put the communities you visit at risk – by potentially bringing the virus into the area with you.

“With a bank holiday approaching, we are already preparing for next weekend and rather frustratingly, based on our experience, we expect it to be a very busy weekend. Sadly, there will be no extended break or celebrations for our officers, who will be out in force. We will be  carrying out our patrols and maintaining our commitment to keeping the public as safe as we possibly can and continuing to protect the NHS from the risk of a second wave of this deadly virus.

“As ever, my advice would be to stay safe at home, exercise locally and not to make any unnecessary journeys. It’s not a new message, its one we all know – but nevertheless it’s a message that we will be continuing to drive home throughout the week.”