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Coronavirus: Harrogate volunteers providing supplies for key workers

Coronavirus: Harrogate volunteers providing supplies for key workers

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 5:57am 12th May 2020.

A small army of volunteers are providing supplies for key workers in and around Harrogate

  • They've been brought together by a Facebook group.
  • The group was set up within days of the UK's lockdown restrictions being announced and now has over 2000 members.
  • As well as establishing links with hospitals in the area, the group has made donations to other key services.

A group of over 2000 volunteers are producing supplies for key workers in Harrogate and the surrounding areas to help them through the coronavirus crisis.

The Facebook group was set up within days of the UK's lockdown measures being introduced, in response to a viral video posted by a nurse who couldn't find enough food in a supermarket.

Volunteers are also working to improve the experience of those working in key services by setting up a garden at Harrogate District Hospital and even donating baked goods to be enjoyed by staff!

supplies for key workers garden delivery
The group is building a new garden at Harrogate District Hospital for staff to use

The movement is co-ordinated by four volunteer group admins. They've set up links with hospitals to ensure they can deliver donations safely.

Gareth Grant is one of the group admins. He told Stray FM:

"The community quickly pulled together and started sewing, knitting, baking, card-making, donating food amongst other things.

"The response has been overwhelming - key workers are very grateful for the help they've received from our group

"I'm inspired by how this community has come together."

Gareth is still working full-time as a vehicle spray-painter, and was offered the role as co-admin after donating funds raised after being sponsored for a full body wax.

supplies key workers cakes
Volunteers have made cakes and other baked goods for hospital staff to enjoy.

As well as providing supplies for workers in hospitals and care homes, the group has been able to support other essential services.

A member of staff at Smarties Day Nursery and Pre-School in Ripley posted on social media about being a key worker and looking after other key workers' children, and Gareth saw the post and offered supplies from the group.

nursery ppe delivery
Group admin Gareth Grant delivered face masks to the nursery for staff to use, as well as other supplies.

Within an hour, Gareth had delivered face masks and hand cream for the staff, and chocolate eggs for the children at the nursery, which had also been donated.

Francesca Sykes, Assistant Manager at the nursery, told Stray FM:

"Social distancing is very difficult to implement when working with children from 0-5 years. We also have children whose parents are working in professions where they are dealing with COVID-19 cases.

"We didn't want clinical-looking masks and we were offered some child-friendly handmade colourful masks so we don't scare the children.

"It has had a fantastic impact as the staff feel more confident in their role as a key workers."

nursery masks and eggs
Staff with their donated masks, and children with their donated Easter eggs

If you're a key worker in need of supplies, or, if you think you could volunteer your services to produce various supplies, join the Supplies for Key Workers in and around Harrogate Facebook group.