More details revealed for Great Knaresborough Bed Race 2020

More details revealed for Great Knaresborough Bed Race 2020

Published by May Norman at 4:12pm 11th May 2020.

Participate in this year’s Great Knaresborough Bed Race – from home!

  • More details about this year's Great Knaresborough Bed Race have been revealed.
  • Organisers of the 'Bed Race 2020 Unplugged' want people to take part in both the parade and the race - from home.
  • Participants are being encouraged to decorate a bed with the theme 'What I’m looking forward to…’ and then record a short video as if they were in the parade.
  • The footage will then be put together and streamed online at 1pm on 13th June ­– the time when the real parade would normally happen.

The organisers of the Great Knaresborough Bed Race, the Knaresborough Lions Club, are staging it this year as a virtual event.

It's called ‘Bed Race 2020 Unplugged’ and will take place on Saturday 13 June 2020.

The Lions are now asking the public to take part in both the parade and the race – from home.

Amanda George, Public Relations Officer of the Knaresborough Lions said:

“The two essential components of Bed Race day are the parade and the race, which up to 30,000 people normally come to watch.

“We knew we had to make these both happen somehow, while at the same time staying safe and following distancing rules.

“So we are asking households to ‘Make Your Bed’: decorate a bed at home, linking it to our theme ‘What I’m looking forward to…’.

"It could be a normal bed, a flower bed, a model of a bed, or an actual Bed Race bed if you happen to have one. Then make a video between 20 seconds and a minute long, looking as if you are in the parade with your bed."

Bed Race Unplugged 2020 logo

Amanda continued:

“Sirastudio of Harrogate, who create Bed Race highlights videos for us in normal years, will be putting together a parade from your footage, and this will be streamed for online viewing at 1pm on 13th June ­– the time when the real parade would normally happen. As in other years, judging will take place to name the Best-Dressed Bed.

“We are also trialling a way for the public to take part in a virtual race, to be streamed at 3pm on the day.

"Send us video clips, from 20 seconds up to a minute long, of your household members facing the camera and looking as though they are running in the Bed Race.

"You could be behind a bed headboard appearing to push it, or just position yourselves in a racing formation. Be creative!"

For Knaresborough Lions to be able to use the race videos, there are two essential requirements:

  • people need to position themselves in front of a single-colour background (preferably a blue or green sheet or plain wall);
  • and film in landscape orientation (not portrait).

Sirastudio will then see if they can put the videos in the footage.

How do I get involved?

Those who want to take part can send the Lions both a parade and a race video, or just one type of clip.

Send the videos to by the end of May.

Since dressed beds are usually first seen by the public on the big day, the Lions are asking people to hold back from posting their videos online until after the main event.

Knaresborough Lions are also reminding people to stay within their households to make the videos, in line with current rules about distancing.

As in normal years, Stray FM, the Knaresborough Lions’ media partner for the Bed Race, will be covering the event.

Bed Race Chair Kevin Lloyd says:

“With your help, we can make it a big day on 13th June, with participation from many people in our local community and beyond. We look forward to receiving your contributions!”