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Coronavirus: Harrogate Scrubbers delivers final batch of PPE to town's hospital

Coronavirus: Harrogate Scrubbers delivers final batch of PPE to town's hospital

Published by Harry Long at 3:05pm 26th May 2020.

A community group has now provided NHS staff at Harrogate District Hospital with over 2,000 scrubs.

  • 2,000 scrubs have been sewed by volunteers from Harrogate Scrubbers for NHS staff at Harrogate Hospital.    
  • The last batch of them was delivered to the hospital today.  
  • They've also made gowns, scrub hats, and scrub bags.

Harrogate Scrubbers delivered the last batch of them to the hospital today.  

Harrogate Scrubbers was only formed six weeks ago to help out with a shortage of PPE.

Since then, volunteers have sewn more than 2 thousand scrubs, 260 gowns, 550 scrub hats and 1,000 scrub bags.

	PPE being delivered to Harrogate Hospital by Harrogate Scrubbers

Fran Taylor, from Harrogate Scrubbers, said:

"This has genuinely been a phenomenal team effort from a community in response to supporting the NHS. Whilst we have achieved more than I could ever have hoped for, I would like to thank the sterling team who have supported me since day one - Pam Mullins, Kimberley Wilson, Elise Madolyn Johnson, Lisa Sumpton, Hannah May, Jenni Brown and Claire Strachan who have been the core co-ordination team.

"Whilst on the surface we look like we have glided to this point, it is their sheer determination and support, and working very long days and nights that has enabled it to happen. Also, the brilliant hubs who got the packs out and our delivery support team.  The community and corporate involvement has been vast.We have needed every bit of their support and encouragement.

"Finally, a HUGE thank you to each and every member of the Harrogate Scrubbers team who did their bit to make this the massive success it has been. I am genuinely humbled, and this will be a very emotional day for so many people’.

	PPE being delivered to Harrogate Hospital by Harrogate Scrubbers

Steve Russell, Chief Executive at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, said:

"When we initially approached the Harrogate Scrubbers we only asked for a few hundred scrubs, which was still plenty of work for the wonderful volunteers. However, as we changed the way we worked and more and more colleagues were wearing scrubs, it became clear that we needed to explore extending the arrangement. We never envisaged a team of volunteers completing an order of that magnitude within the timescales that they have.

"My colleagues and I are in complete awe of the community and the local response. We would like to thank everyone involved and send them all our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. What an amazing achievement. From everyone at the Trust – thank you."

The group are continuing to fundraise to support GP surgeries and wider community projects, under the guidance of the hospital.  You can donate here.