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Great Knaresborough Bed Race deadline looming

Great Knaresborough Bed Race deadline looming

Published by May Norman at 6:50am 31st May 2020.

Deadline to enter is TODAY (Sunday, 31 May)

  • Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the organisers of the Great Knaresborough Bed Race vowed to bring the event to the public.
  • In a slightly different format, 'Bed Race 2020 Unplugged' is now a virtual event.
  • Deadline to enter is TODAY (Sunday,31 May)

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race is going ahead - but will offer a different experience this year.

Called 'Bed Race 2020 Unplugged', it's going virtual.

This will take place on Saturday 13 June 2020.

BUT the deadline to enter for the event is TODAY - Sunday, 31 May.

Speaking earlier this month, Amanda George, Public Relations Officer of the Knaresborough Lions, said:

“In the current situation, we had no choice but to cancel Bed Race in its normal form.

"But Bed Race has taken place every year since 1966, and we couldn’t let this year pass without finding some way to celebrate the event.

“We are living through very challenging times, but despite that – and also because of it – the Knaresborough Lions want everyone to be able to celebrate Bed Race in 2020.

"We must not gather on the streets, so there will be nothing to go and see outside on the day – but people will be able to enjoy a virtual Bed Race experience from their homes.

"As ever, it will combine community spirit, joyful pageantry, gritty athleticism and downright quirkiness.”

The Lions are now asking the public to take part in both the parade and the race – from home.

They want households to ‘Make Your Bed’: decorate a bed at home, linking it to the theme ‘What I’m looking forward to…’.

Amanda added:

"It could be a normal bed, a flower bed, a model of a bed, or an actual Bed Race bed if you happen to have one. Then make a video between 20 seconds and a minute long, looking as if you are in the parade with your bed."

The deadline to register is TODAY - Sunday, 31 May.

For more details on how to enter, click here.

Knaresborough Lions are reminding people to stay within their households to make the videos, in line with current rules about distancing.

As in normal years, Stray FM, the Knaresborough Lions’ media partner for the Bed Race, will be covering the event.

Bed Race Chair Kevin Lloyd says:

“With your help, we can make it a big day on 13th June, with participation from many people in our local community and beyond. We look forward to receiving your contributions!”