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Man inspired by Captain Tom walking for 66 days

Man inspired by Captain Tom walking for 66 days

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 9:04am 7th June 2020.

Bob Hinchcliffe is halfway through a 66 day challenge

  • Money will be raised for association of NHS Charities.
  • Bob is receiving treatment for bladder cancer while he carries out the walks.
  • Captain Tom Moore has inspired him to start the task. 

Bob is on a walking challenge, while carrying a weighted bag as he looks to raise money for the NHS.

He is six months off the end of his treatment for cancer and is making good progress.

Bob is now just over halfway though his 66 day walk challenge, he told Stray FM why he is doing it.

Captain Tom Moore has inspired me to try and do my bit to thank the NHS. Two days after Captain Tom reached 100 years of age I turned 66.

I decided that I would unashamedly, but respectfully, do a 'Captain Tom' but with a slight difference.

For at least the following 66 days  I am going to walk/run around my garden and I am going to be doing it with my old Army Bergen backpack filled with a progressively increasing weight.

You can donate to Bob's fundraising page here