Campaign group stepping up protests against plans for incinerator in Keighley

Campaign group stepping up protests against plans for incinerator in Keighley

Published by Harry Long at 1:38pm 12th June 2020.

A campaign group's renewing its calls to stop the construction of an incinerator in Keighley.  

  • Aire Valley Against Incineration is campaigning against the construction of an incinerator in Keighley.  
  • Energy firm  Endless Energy wants to build it on Aire Valley Road.  
  • The campaign group is concerned about the environmental impact of the plans - but the Environment Agency insists the location is suitable.  

Residents are being asked to take part in a second consultation, which is being run by the Environment Agency, on the plans by Endless Energy.  The firm wants to build the incinerator on Aire Valley Road.  

Aire Valley Against Incineration is concerned about the environmental impact of the plans, but  the Environment Agency says the incinerator is safe and the site is suitable for it 

The Agency says it is minded to issue the permit following a "rigorous environmental assessment of the proposed activities, taking into account all of the comments made in the first consultation that closed on 13 December 2018."

Simon Shimbles, Chair of Aire Valley Against Incineration said:

"We are obviously extremely dismayed at this decision. However, the developers, Endless Energy need to know that we are not going away!

"Aire Valley Against Incineration are studying the documentation in detail and we will be responding. Endless Energy are still open to scrutiny, as is the Environment Agency's decision. I would urge all our supporters to once again rally round.  The air quality in our valley during lockdown has improved immensely. I, for one, would like to keep it that way!"

This incinerator will be a disaster for the health of those that live in Keighley and the surrounding areas for generations to come, as well heavily impacting the local environment, Keighley's heritage and its future economic development."

Carly Chambers, Area Environment Manager at the Environment Agency, said:

"Following our assessment of the application, we believe that the proposal meets the legal requirements of the Environment Permitting Regulations and that it will be designed, constructed and operated in a way that will not harm human health or the environment. Unless any new information comes to light which significantly changes our assessment we will be legally obliged to issue the permit.

"Our regulatory controls for the incineration of waste are in place to protect people and the environment.  We do not permit activities that pose an unacceptable risk.

"This further stage of consultation gives the public and interested groups an opportunity to see our decision making process, have their say on the draft environmental permit and bring to light any new information that they believe may require us to modify or change our final decision."

The consultation period runs until 21 July 2020. You can take part in the consultation here.