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Coronavirus: Online Performing Arts Festival taking place

Coronavirus: Online Performing Arts Festival taking place

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 6:00am 18th July 2020. (Updated at 6:01am 18th July 2020)

An online Performing Arts festival is taking place for people in and around Harrogate.

  • The Future Stars Festival is raising money for performers in the Harrogate District and surrounding areas.
  • Creative young people and adults in the area can submit videos to a virtual talent competition.
  • Entry fees will go towards the new Keeping the Arts Alive scholarship fund.

Creative young people and adults in and around the Harrogate District are being invited to take part in an online performing arts festival.

The Future Stars Festival was set up as an performing outlet for young people and adults in the area.

People can submit videos to be judged by industry professionals in a variety of creative categories.

It's also a fundraising initiative, with entry fees going towards a new scholarship fund.

Elisha Ainsley, the festival co-ordinator, told Stray FM about the 'Keeping the Arts Alive' scholarship fund:

"It's going to go to whoever really needs it.

"So whether that's as small as needing a new pair of ballet shoes, or whether it's a case of they can't afford their usual training at their drama group and they need a bit of help for a few months until the family gets back on their feet.

Creative industries have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Harrogate Theatre is relying on an emergency fund to stay afloat.

Elisha added:

"It's put a lot of people out of work. A lot of performers are feeling like they've lost their identity as a result.

"That's not just adults and professional performers, it's the young people who aspire to be performers or just love it. People who just live and breathe the performing arts.

"They've lost a huge part of themselves as a result and we don't know when it's going to be coming back.

Applications close at 6pm on Sunday 26th July. 

If you'd like to enter the competition, click here to visit the Future Stars Festival website.