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Coronavirus: Anti-social behaviour concerns in Ripon

Coronavirus: Anti-social behaviour concerns in Ripon

Published by May Norman at 6:43am 1st July 2020.

Reminder to parents - 'where has your child been?'

  • There are growing concerns over the increase in anti-social behaviour in Ripon.
  • The City's Neighbourhood Policing Team, which claims the number of cases has risen since lockdown restrictions started to ease, is now urging people to report any incidents.
  • Officers are urging parents to take responsibility and find out where their children have been and what they’ve been up to. 

There are increasing reports of anti-social behaviour in Ripon since the lockdown restrictions started to ease.  

Ripon Neighbourhood Policing Team is working hard with partner agencies to deal with incidents that are reported but it's urging the public to ensure reports are made by calling 101.

Officers are reminding people that updates given by well-meaning members of the community via Facebook or other social media accounts cannot be used as a formal reporting method.

Anyone witnessing any anti-social behaviour or crime should report this to us by ringing 999 if the incident is ongoing or 101 if it has already happened. 

The local policing team states any evidence to support reported incidents such as CCTV or mobile phone footage is very helpful in identifying those involved, particularly as officers often find suspects may have run away or dispersed when they arrive.

It adds, please do not get involved in any situation, take whatever details it is safe to obtain and contact the police immediately.

Sergeant Clare Mayes of North Yorkshire Police’s Ripon Neighbourhood Policing Team said:

“We know that lockdown has caused many of our community members to become isolated from their normal social groups and practices but nothing excuses the unacceptable behaviour we have recently seen and had reported.

“Many of the reports we’ve received identify young people at the heart of the problems being experienced by our communities. We all have a part to play in helping everyone to stay safe and feel safe in their homes and any behaviour which undermines this will be dealt with accordingly.

“Parents, please take responsibility and find out where your children have been, what they’ve been up to and who they have been with – before you receive a knock on the door from a police officer. We are absolutely committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and will be doing everything we can to ensure our communities remain safe and pleasant places to live.”