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'No major issues' as pubs re-open in North Yorkshire

'No major issues' as pubs re-open in North Yorkshire

Published by The Stray FM News Team at 11:12am 5th July 2020.

Police say there were 'small pockets' of antisocial behaviour but no 'significant incidents'.

  • North Yorkshire Police say Saturday, the day pubs and bars re-opened, was busy but there were 'no major issues'.
  • There had been concern of potential trouble caused by those who had too much to drink on so-called 'Super Saturday'.
  • But officers have thanked everyone who enjoyed the night responsibly, saying it was no more busy than a usual Saturday night.

North Yorkshire Police say there were 'no major issues or concerns' yesterday, as pubs and bars across the county re-opened after being closed for more than 3 months.

A few days ago, the force's Chief Constable said they were planning “a full policing operation”, amid fears that some people may enjoy so-called 'Super Saturday' a little too much and cause trouble.

Officers say there were small pockets of rowdy and antisocial behaviour yesterday, but no significant or large incidents.

North Yorkshire Police's licensing team carried out a number of visits to licensed premises during the day and say they were pleased to report that all venues visited had worked hard to make their premises safe for customers.




Assistant Chief Constable Mike Walker, said:

“My thanks to everyone who enjoyed last night responsibly and to the licensees who have worked hard over the past weeks to prepare for opening. It’s inevitable that with alcohol consumption comes antisocial behaviour and we were prepared for an increase in demand. It was busy but no more than a usual Saturday night.”