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'No-shows' could cost jobs, according to leading Harrogate hotelier

'No-shows' could cost jobs, according to leading Harrogate hotelier

Published by May Norman at 6:54am 16th July 2020.

Harrogate hospitality sector hit by 'no-shows'

  • Those customers who fail to turn up for their bookings will cripple Harrogate's hospitality sector, according to the man who runs a restaurant in the town.
  • Simon Cotton is managing director of the HRH Group which runs the Fat Badger.
  • They had 15 no-shows last weekend - something other restaurants up and down the country are also suffering.

"No-shows could result in job losses across Harrogate's hospitality sector", according to a leading hotelier in the town.

Simon Cotton - who is the managing director of the HRH Group which runs several local pubs and hotels - claims customers who fail to turn up for their bookings will cripple the industry, which has already suffered significant losses during the pandemic.

His pub - The Fat Badger - had 15 no shows just last weekend alone.

Simon understands plans or circumstances change for some customers, but for others, there is no excuse:

"We’ve discovered stories this week of people booking three restaurants as they don’t know what they want to do until they’re out and don’t want to leave themselves without a table; this sort of thing is just unacceptable and will cripple hospitality business in Harrogate - ultimately it will cost jobs."


He's now issuing a plea to the public to understand the full effects of not showing up for a booking or failing to cancel their reservation.

Simon add:

"I can't stress enough how every pound matters at the moment - every penny in fact - to make sure we can pay the bills and importantly keep people employed. 

"We're hearing across our industry about redundancies - we don't want that. But we need to rely on customers. If they have a booking, have the respect to turn up or if they can't come, call to cancel the table."

Dozens of operators across the country have spoken out about the impact hundreds of no-shows are having.

Michelin-starred Paul Ainsworth - who runs several venues in Cornwall - expressed his frustration on Twitter - after 27 guests failed to keep their bookings.

Writing on social media Paul said: "After the efforts, our teams have put into making our restaurants a safe environment and the money Emma and I have spent to make it possible. Disappointed doesn't even cut it!"

"To those 27 people who thought it was OK not to show tonight and that no one would miss you. You are very wrong. We were ready for you. The restaurant rota had been written for you. The team were waiting to welcome and take care of you."

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Many operators are now considering whether to take further action to secure bookings.

For Simon, from The Fat Badger, he's told Stray FM he will be reviewing their policies to ensure customers honour their reservations.