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Coronavirus: GP video consultations soar during pandemic

Coronavirus: GP video consultations soar during pandemic

Published by Harry Long at 6:45am 26th July 2020.

There's been a big increase in the number of GP video consultations in North Yorkshire during the coronavirus pandemic.   

  • Patients have had more than 17,500 virtual appointments with doctors during the coronavirus outbreak.  
  • Health bosses say video consultations are a safe way to see a GP at the moment.     
  • GPs say limiting face-to-face appointments is helping to suppress the infection and transmission risks associated with the virus.   

Doctors in the county have had more than 17,500 virtual consultations with patients over the last four months. 

It's as doctors have urged patients worried about their health not to put off making an appointment - with health bosses saying video appointments are a safe way to see a GP.   

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NHS North Yorkshire CCG Clinical Chair, Dr Charles Parker, said:

"Over the last four months patients have been somewhat reticent about contacting their GP practice, even when they've been really worried about their health.

"People wanted to follow the 'stay at home' message and were reluctant to reach out to their practice because they were either worried about being in an environment where they might be exposed to a Covid-19 risk or didn't want to be contributing to the demand on NHS services at a time when there were very real fears our hospitals would be overwhelmed.

"But as more NHS services start returning to normal, now is not the time to be delaying a conversation if you have a health problem that's making you anxious.

"If you are concerned about something you can always check out you symptoms and get advice on self-care from NHS111 Online. This service will give you simple advice on treatments and where to get help and support from if home treatment is not applicable.

"If you are still worried, get in touch with your practice and you may be offered a video appointment, a telephone appointment, or face-to-face appointment - whichever is most appropriate for you and your circumstances."