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Results: MPs voted on Brexit way forward


Published at 8:46pm 29th January 2019.

Brexit: MPs vote on anti-backstop and article 50 amendments

  • MPs voted on amendments aimed at modifying Theresa May's Brexit plan
  • MPs back amendment, tabled by Tory Caroline Spelman, which rejects no-deal Brexit
  • Amendments by senior MPs Grieve, Cooper and Reeves defeated
  • Seven backbench amendments were debated
  • The prime minister says she wants to reopen the withdrawal agreement

MPs have been voting on seven amendments that could alter the course of Brexit.

They have voted against amendments by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford, Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, Labour MP Yvette Cooper and Labour's Rachel Reeves.

MPs have voted to rule out the UK leaving the EU without a deal.

In addition, MPs support demand for Irish backstop to be replaced with 'alternative arrangements'.

The results are as follows:

1. MPs voted against amendment from Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn for Parliament to consider options to prevent a 'no-deal' Brexit by 327-296 votes with a majority of 31.

2. MPs voted against amendment from SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford to extend Article 50 to keep Scotland in EU by 327-39 votes with a majority of 288.

3. MPs voted against amendment from Conservative Dominic Grieve for six days of debate and votes on alternative Brexit options by 321-301 votes with a majority of 20.

4. MPs voted against an amendment from Labour's Yvette Cooper to allow parliamentary time to postpone Brexit delay  (of up to nine months) if a deal is not agreed by 26 February. Result - 321-298 votes with a majority of 23.

5. MPs voted against on an amendment from Labour's Rachel Reeves to extend Article 50 if no deal is reached by 26 February by 322-290 with a majority of 32.

6. MPs voted in favour of an amendment from Conservative Dame Caroline Spelman and Labour's Jack Dromey to prevent a 'no-deal' Brexit by 318-310 with a majority of 8.

7. MPs voted in favour of an amendment from Sir Graham Brady to replace Irish backstop with 'alternative arrangements' by 317-301 with a majority of 16.

More to follow.