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myTeam: Putting the Yorkshire Dales on pole position

Le Mans 24 Hours is arguably the pinnacle of motorsport and has historically absolutely no links with the Dales in any way - until now.

Le Mans 24 Hours is arguably the pinnacle of motorsport and has historically had absolutely no links with the Yorkshire Dales in any way - until now.

It's a race involving high speed, high octane cars which are fast enough and reliable enough to race for 24 hours straight.

It attracts 250,000 spectators to the heart of France every year.

Now, ex-Formula 1 race engineer and designer, Nicolas Perrinn, has set up a Le Mans team based in the sleepy village of Hetton near Grassington.

But why set up in the Dales? "I absolutely love the area," the Frenchman said. "I think it gives me even more inspiration and I really want to link the project with Yorkshire now."

He is putting his years of experience at Williams F1 into a new idea called myTeam and will spearhead what could become a revolution in the motorsport world - the difference being that it is a completely open team which anyone can join and be a part of.

It is somewhat an alien concept in motorsport, which has traditionally been labelled as a secretive and closed off world.

The aim is to have a car built and ready to race in next year's Le Mans 24 Hours.

"Le Mans 24 Hours for me is the greatest and toughest race challenge in the world," said Perrinn, whose passion for creating an innovative team drives him. "It is such a human adventure if you are actually inside and part of the team."

Hear Nicolas talk all about the concept in Stray FM’s news special:

 The funding will come from the members, as opposed to big name brands and sponsors.

Fans pay a £30 membership fee which will immerse them in a world of technical, financial and exclusive data.

They could even get a chance to take part in events with the team.

Perrinn has shown a scale model of the car to school pupils across Craven, who are excited and itching to become part of the team.

The website has also had thousands of hits from across the globe.

It is clear to see that the world of motorsport is already starting to crane its neck to see how the team develops.

Find out more about myTeam here.