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The race to reach Ushuaia

Dom & Lizzie Slater

Published at 8:21pm 17th April 2020. (Updated at 12:26pm 26th April 2020)

Wetherby brother and sister, Dom and Lizzie Slater, plus uncle and nephew duo, Emon and Jamiul, discuss their "fantastic experience" on the second series of hit BBC two show "Race across the world."

  • Four couples are currently battling on series two for a prize fund of £20,000.
  • Lizzie Slater applied for the show after getting hooked on the first series in 2019.
  • Emon and Jamiul Choudhury were chosen from 40,000 applicants.

Hit TV series "Race across the world" is about to reach the series two climax and amidst the four couples taking part, are Wetherby siblings Lizzie and Dom Slater.

After watching series one, Lizzie thought it looked to be an incredible opportunity and fast forward several months, both Dom and Lizzie enthuse about their South American adventure.

A journey of 25,000KM over two months, starting in Mexico City and ending at Ushuaia in Argentina, provided the couples taking part with some amazing times, albeit incredibly testing too; none more-so than Dom collapsing in Bolivia after a seizure, something that sister Lizzie had never witnessed first hand.

The siblings admit that even though a huge setback, it did make the bond between them stronger and certainly demonstrated to Dom that his younger sister does love and care for him very much.

Bonding in Brazil

The prize for reaching the world's most southerly city first is a cool £20,000 for the winning couple and although both Dom and Lizzie stress that viewers are about to see tension rise, the bond between couples along the way, and especially when having a little down-time at the various check points during the journey, is something they will treasure for many years to come.

As for who wins, well that's a big secret, but this Yorkshire brother and sister team have returned home appreciating how fortunate they are in comparison to some of the poverty they saw on their journey to Argentina.

The four teams left in the race

Another of the four remaining teams, Emon and Jamiul Choudhury who are uncle and nephew from Saltaire, Bradford and Oldham respectively, are also incredibly grateful for what they have in life and found it "heartbreaking" to see a family in Sao Paulo all crowded in a tiny block; the children with no shoes and so Emon gave what little he could spare to raise a smile of their faces.

The guys also treasure their time conquering Rainbow mountain in Peru together and Jamiul is especially proud of reaching the summit, which at 5,200 metres above sea level, is understandable given he struggles with asthma.

Race Across the World continues Sunday 26th April, 8pm on BBC Two and you can hear the full chat with Dom and Lizzie and Emon and Jamiul below.

Wetherby Siblings
Uncle and nephew