A win for everybody

Emon & Jamiul Choudhury

Published at 4:06pm 27th April 2020.

Winners of BBC two's "Race across the world" Emon and Jamiul Choudhury are pleased they can now tell everyone they scooped £20,000 on the hit TV show and have big plans for the money.

On Sunday night (26th April 2020) it had viewers gripped on BBC 2 as the three remaining teams in "Race across the world" made their final dash, thousands of kilometres, to the "end of the world" in Argentina; the city of Ushuaia.

Teams had just the air fare, from the starting point of Mexico City, to the finishing point in Argentina, to spend on their journey which could not include air travel, plus they had no smart phones to use to help them along the way.

Wetherby siblings Dom and Lizzie Slater did amazingly well considering at one point during the programme, they lay 31 hours behind the race leaders and they finished third, just two hours behind uncle and nephew duo, Emon, who lives in Saltaire Bradford and his nephew Jamiul.

Deserving Winners

The gents revealed at the end of the programme that after witnessing heartbreaking scenes of poverty in Sao Paulo, they plan to donate £10,000 of their winnings to South American charities, but Emon has also taken over his dad's orphanage in Bangladesh and they too will receive a very welcome £5,000.

The remainder of the money will be spent travelling to the aforementioned locations and so who knows, perhaps we haven't seen the last of this dynamic duo from our screens.

Catch up now on Race Across The World on BBC iPlayer.

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