Army of friends

Army of friends

Published at 1:57pm 1st May 2020. (Updated at 2:19pm 1st May 2020)

The Dunwells, a West Yorkshire band, have released a new song called "Army of friends" which features many NHS staff in the video and all proceeds from the tune will go to frontline key workers.

  • The band has been together since 2009.
  • Brothers Joe and David Dunwell also perform alongside friends Rob Clayton and Adam Taylor. 
  • Over the years they've supported the likes of Scouting for Girls, Bryan Adams and Sir Tom Jones on tour.

Joe and David Dunwell are West Yorkshire brothers who since 2009, have been the driving force in the band "the Dunwells." Growing up, the boys were surrounded by music as their mum loved her Motown tunes and their dad played classical guitar to them at bedtime.

Getting together with Yorkshire friends Rob Clayton and Adam Taylor, the guys have had great success by supporting such names as Bryan Adams, enjoying touring across America and Joe's personal favourite, performing at Red Rocks in Colorado.


Fast forward to the current lockdown period, Joe and David, like so many, are keeping in touch via video calls and are performing for their loyal fanbase each night on Facebook at 6PM.

"It feels like we've gone back in time" Joe tells us, "we're playing a few covers and people are requesting some of the older songs too."

On hearing a new song "army of friends" the fans urged the boys to release it and so, with the help of their followers and many NHS staff featuring in the video, "army of friends" is available for you to download and stream. Plus, all the proceeds from the song will be donated to frontline key workers and producing fresh material has given brothers Joe and David a real "buzz" to release a new album early next year.

Watch the fantastic video and listen to "army of friends" below, plus hear Stray FM's Pete Egerton in conversation with Joe Dunwell.

Pete chats to Joe


Army of friends video