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VIDEO: Alistair Brownlee wins second Olympic gold medal

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee

Published at 2:00pm 18th August 2016. (Updated at 8:13pm 18th August 2016)

Yorkshire's Alistair Brownlee has become the first man to defend an Olympic triathlon title, after winning a gold medal in Rio.

Just six seconds separated the 28-year-old and his younger brother, Jonny, who claimed silver.

Alistair, who also won gold at London 2012, said: "Obviously it's very special to retain the title.

"I've trained as hard as I can this year and executed it on the day. The records or whatever isn't the big thing for me, it's about turning up on the day and winning the race.

"Maybe the enormity of it all will sink in over the next few weeks, but I'm just pleased I turned up and Jonny did it as well.

"The odds are it won't happen again.

"Four years is a long time to Tokyo, but I don't think we should be thinking about that at the moment.

"I think we should just enjoy what we've pulled off today and be really appreciative that these last three months of training went so well and we managed to get the race to go our way."

Jonny is equally happy, but has admitted that he would have liked to beat his brother.

He said: "In the race, I had a very good swim and on the bike I felt great and controlled. I might have done a bit too much work on the bike, but when we got to the run, Alistair was too strong for me and these hard races suit him a bit better than me.

"A bit of me thought 'here we go again', but I was confident I'd hold onto second, but he got his gap and it just stayed."


Councillor Judith Blake, Leader of Leeds City Council, said: "What more can be said about the amazing achievements of Alistair and Jonny, who again have enjoyed medal-winning success in the Olympic triathlon event.

"We are so proud and fortunate to have in Alistair and Jonny not just two unbelievable athletes, but also people who are wonderful ambassadors for Leeds.

"In winning gold once again, Alistair is the first athlete ever to retain their triathlon Olympic title which is a sensational feat, while Jonny with his silver medal has also cemented his place as one of the sport's greatest ever competitors.

"Team GB are enjoying another brilliant Olympics, and it is amazing to see so many of our athletes flying the flag for Leeds and Yorkshire so proudly in Rio."

So, what's the secret of their success?

The brothers do much of their training on some pretty challenging terrain, including Otley Chevin and the Dales.

Watch them in action: