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Coroner rules death of Harrogate cyclist "was avoidable"

Mike Hall @Normally_Human

Published at 2:13pm 28th February 2019. (Updated at 2:19pm 28th February 2019)

A coroner in Australia has ruled the death of a cyclist from Harrogate was avoidable and it should be the catalyst for changes to improve road safety. 

  • Mike Hall was taking part in an unsupported bike race across Australia in March 2017 
  • He died after being hit by a car outside Canberra
  • He was riding in the inaugural Indian Pacific Wheel Race and had been in second place at the time
  • An inquest into his death has found it "was avoidable" and should be a "catalyst for changes that will enhance rider safety into the future"

Mike Hall had been taking part in the inaugural Indian Pacific Wheel Race in Australia in 2017 when he was hit by a car.

Mike had grown up in Harrogate but had also lived in South Wales.

An inquest into his death was held by the Coroner's Court of the Australian Capital Territory. 

It has found his death was avoidable. 

A report released today of the inquest's findings, carried out by Coroner Boss, states:  

"Mr Hall’s death was avoidable, which makes the loss of this remarkable person even more keenly felt by his family and the community. It is unfortunate that the investigation into his death has been to some degree compromised by the loss of significant evidence in the form of his clothing and bicycle accoutrements. There is, however, sufficient evidence for his death to be the catalyst for changes that will enhance rider safety into the future."

The report goes onto make several recommendations for the Australian Government.

These include a review into the section of road where the collision happened and a "consideration" of speed limits. 

You can read the full report here 

In 2012 Mike Hall won the globe-crossing World Cycle Race and was also the founder of the self-supported Trans Continental Race in Europe. 

Tributes flooded in on social media when Mike's death was announced. 

A Just Giving page set up in his memory raised thousands for charity. 

It was was set up by his friend James Hayden, who said Mike will be remembered for "his kindness, good heart and bravery."