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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Nick Hancock & The Secret Sound

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Nick Hancock & The Secret Sound

Published at 11:31am 1st April 2019. (Updated at 11:35am 1st April 2019)

Stray FM would like to issue the following statement following this morning's Secret Sound.

During the 7:15am round of Stray FM's Secret Sound, you may have heard Nick Hancock, the presenter of Nick Hancock at Breakfast, Weekdays from 6-9am, take a call from a member of his family.

This unorthodox step of bringing his spouse to air is unusual and unprecendented in the history of "Radio's Most Annoying Game" - the Stray FM Secret Sound.

Further to this, Nick's marital partner correctly guessed the sound and was awarded the prize money by Nick.

This is not in the spirit of the game, and we realise we made a mistake. As such, we have taken the difficult decision to remove Nick from the show until further notice.*

If you missed the moment and would like to hear it for yourself, you can listen below.

Stray FM will make no further comment... until the end of this article.


*This period of further notice will end at 6am, Tuesday 2nd April - as this is all a MASSIVE APRIL FOOL. Hope we made you giggle.

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