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LIVE: Tour de Yorkshire Stage 2

LIVE: Tour de Yorkshire Stage 2

Published at 8:29am 3rd May 2019. (Updated at 6:10pm 3rd May 2019)

Follow the latest at the Tour de Yorkshire comes to the Harrogate District for Stage 2

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That's it for today

Thanks for following the Live Blog today - almost 10,000 people have had a look - or at least I think they have, it might just have been my mum hitting refresh a lot.

Anyway, the TdY is off to the East Coast tomorrow, but back with us for Stage 4 on Sunday. May Norman will have the blog duties for you on Sunday - I'm getting out and about - find me in Pateley Bridge for your chance to win ยฃ10,000!


It's all over!

Mark Cavendish tried his best but didn't manage to win the final sprint! Think this team is happy...


Ripon REALLY Impresses

Despite not having the sun we had for last year's Tour, Ripon really has come out in force. Here's what our team captured:


Liquid Sunshine is back

The rain is coming down and it's bouncing off the riders, halting a challenge to the front from a couple of riders.

Not long at all until the finish.


Fun in Bedale

Nice to know that the police are fit!!


We're in the final moments

Less than 10km to go as the riders head towards Bedale.

Here's what awaits them:


The volunteer view

So good to have people give their time up to help organise events like this.


The view from the road

Look how amazing the turn out was in Ripon


More of the same

The commentators on the telly are telling me that they're expecting another big bunch finish in Bedale today, just like the finish of the Women's race in the early afternoon.


Here's the update of where the riders are

Ripon have done an EXCELLENT job of making noise as the riders passed through. We'll have some video in a moment...



This is quick isn't it? I'd be scared I'd fall off.



There are going to be fireworks to end the day in Ripon tonight (weather permitting I imagine). All part of the day long celebration of today. The roads will remain closed in the Market Square until 11pm for that.


Behind schedule

I've just realised that means the race is about 10 minutes behind schedule, so we're probably looking at a 6pm finish in Bedale.



I'm enjoying telling you when roads open, but I'm quite tired now. It's long this cycling lark isn't it? Anyway, I won't complain any more as the racers are about to really get those wheels spinning from Ripon to Bedale.

The race is just heading through Daffodil Bends, so the A61 will be opening behind them.


Wave from Cav

Here's that nice moment of Mark Cavendish at the front of the race in Harrogate.


Some excellent images coming through

Cycling does seem to suit Harrogate if these images are anything to go by.


Where's the race?

Just going through Ripley heading towards Ripon. So the A61 very much closed, as are roads around the centre of Ripon.

The roads to the North of Ripon towards Bedale will be starting to close shortly soon.

In Harrogate, we'll expect that most roads will be re-opening, with West Park and Parliament Street due to open around 5:30pm if not already...



Check out this image of the riders coming up the main street in Harrogate.


Busy in Bedale

The freebies arrived and so have the crowds. The race is expected to end there in around 50 minutes.


There was a race into Harrogate

They have "intermediate sprints" during the race and the finish line of one of them was the finish line for the World Championships in September.

Here's what happened:


The real travel news today

Lets hope nobody gets a ticket.


Cavendish heads to the front

Mark Cavendish forced himself to the front, while another rider moved over to allow Cav to lead the race through the centre of Harrogate. A place where he struggled in the Grand Depart of the Tour de France back in 2014, and where his mother calls home. A nice touch.

The race now heads down Otley Road and out towards Killinghall.


Scenes in Harrogate


Ripon loves a freebie



Close shave

The twisting roads into Harrogate are proving a bit of a challenge, almost saw a clash around Valley Drive.

Should be very exciting in the World Champs in September.

The riders are about to tackle Parliament Street and then head out along Otley Road.



Even elite riders have to have a snack on a race like this. Check out this excellent behind the scenes video.



The A658 and routes around Pool-in-Wharfedale and Leathley should now be re-opened.

The A61 in Killinghall and up towards Ripon will now be closing ahead of the riders coming out of Harrogate.


Hello Harrogate!

The racers are about to head into Harrogate any moment (somehow ITV have managed to fit in ANOTHER ad break before they do!)

They're heading towards the finish at Bedale of course, here's the scene there.



Typically, ITV have gone to ads just as the race approaches Harrogate. They're back now though, and I can confirm that the race is around Penny Pot Lane now.


Famous Faces

I've totally neglected to mention there are some proper famous faces in the race today. Mark Cavendish and multiple Tour de France winner Chris Froome are both in the peloton. They're both not on top form, so sat in the main group (peloton). But hey, at least if you're out you'll be able to say you saw some of Britain's best!

Of course, Froome's now cycling for the fracking company backed Team Ineos, so for some his popularity is waning


Up the "Mountain" and heading for Harrogate

As we mentioned earlier, the Harrogate "World Championship Circuit" is the next bit of the race. It's a practice ahead of the UCI event coming in September. Then we'll see over a week of races culminating in a finish in the centre of the town.

That circuit is where the riders are now headed.

If all you care about is getting home, the riders should be through Harrogate in the next 20 minutes.

Here's the results of the climb up what the commentators called a "proper steep slope"


A break is on

Can he stay ahead on the climb?


Harrogate closures in full

The "UCI loop" is closed. They'll lap round through Harrogate before heading up to Killinghall on the B6161.

That'll be closed shortly if it isn't already.


Pool passed

So the race has gone through Pool-in-Wharfedale now (ITV giving us a lovely shot of the train viaduct for a long time there!). The riders will shortly be heading up the biggest hill of the day.

Road-wise, Pool should be moving shortly.


It's much less wet

I felt for the women earlier coming down the hill into Harrogate, the roads looking much drier for the men.

The race is approaching Pool-in-Wharfedale before heading the Leathley for the big climb next.


Mixed blessings for Ripley children

Nice to see them getting involved with high level sport. Shame they had to spend extra time with Will Smith... he won't be happy with me for saying that!


The race is split

There's a leading group and then the main peloton. There's a "classified climb" just before the race comes to Harrogate. Rather them than me!


Going through Garforth

So, the race has passed through Garforth, which means we'll see it in Pool-in-Wharfedale shortly.

If you're out watching today, send your pics to us on Twitter, use the hashtag #StrayTdY and we'll feature them here.


Road closures

We believe that road closures will be in place around Pool-in-Wharfedale and Leathley now. Beckwithshaw to follow shortly and then the "UCI Loop" in Harrogate (Penny Pot, Valley Drive, Otley Road etc).


Win ยฃ10,000 in Ripon

Don't forget if you're planning to head to the Market Square after work, our Smile Squad are there to get you in the big draw.


7 hours

That's how long I've been writing this blog. I mean, I know I haven't cycled 132km, but surely the finger effort will have burned some calories right... right?

Anyway, we're going to start seeing rolling road closures around Pool-In-Wharfedale any time now.


Race update

The leaders are heading through Kippax at the moment on the way around the edge of Leeds.


Did you get a freebie?

The caravan's been through Harrogate and is heading up to Bedale. Will Smith's been following them.


Love this!

Any event that can get people of all ages out is all good with us!


Will's chauffeur has been busy

Sgt Paul Cording tweets... 


And they're off

Here's the scene at the start in Barnsley

A reminder that Parliament Street and West Park in Harrogate are now closed again ahead of the men's race. Ripon Market Square and roads in Bedale also still closed.

Rolling road closures begin in around 40 minutes in Pool-in-Wharfedale.


Having fun in Ripon

Nice to see the police engaging with the crowds in Ripon earlier and spreading some smiles. They're human too!


We're about to start

The men are on the start line in Barnsley, with the warm up "ceremonial start" just starting now.


Win ยฃ10,000!

Our Ten Thousand Smiles Squad are out in Ripon this afternoon around the Tour de Yorkshire. Track down Ben and Lisa for your chance to win a WHOPPING ten thousand pounds. All you have to do is have your picture taken in our special frame for the chance to win.

See all the Ten Thousand Smiles details here - including other places you can find us over the Bank Holiday Weekend.


The bells, the bells!

Look at this. It's like Yorkshire vomited all over the Stray... 

If you want a bell to shake these will sort you out.


There's a reason the World Championships are coming to Yorkshire

The cyclists just love the support that you give them.


Stray FM is TdY today

Of course, we're all about the Tour de Yorkshire today on air. Beth is currently live from our sponsors, Verity Frierson, between the two races. Then we've got Nick Hancock on a double shift as he's in the studio whilst Will Smith brings you all the flavour of the race out and about.

Listen live now


Ready for more?

Well, it's less than 30 minutes until we see the start of Stage 2 of the Men's Tour de Yorkshire. It leaves Barnsley before heading to Pontefract, Castleford and round the outskirts of Leeds before crossing into North Yorkshire at Pool-in-Wharfedale just after 4pm.

This morning's Womens race was a thriller? Will we get the same from the men? We're expecting bigger crowds as the weekend approaches and the weather clears.

Here's who's leading what after that race this morning.


What to expect this afternoon


Short break

Right, I'm going to go and have a break. Maybe see the outside world. Use the facilities. You know, the things you miss when you're wedded to a computer during a 132km cycle race.

I'll be back for the men's race after 2pm. The race starts in Barnsley at 2:45pm, with an expected finish in Bedale just the 3 hours and 10 minutes later.


Road closures

I don't want to accuse the council of being behind, but I think this is a little behind. A good reminder though, that the road closures will be in place later on.

Please, please, please check before you travel - road closures will be in place in Harrogate and Ripon during the rush period.  You can check the timings here.


Full result

And now we cross to ITV Cycling's tweet for the classified results. (Always wanted to be on the sports reports...)


Massive bells

I love this picture from West Tanfield as the Women's race headed to its conclusion.


Result of Women's Tour de Yorkshire Stage 1

Wow, what a sprint in Bedale. Loads and loads of riders charging for the line. Unfortunately it wasn't a win for a Yorkshire rider, or even a British rider...


Big finish

HUGE sprint now happening in Bedale!!


Freebie Friday

The caravan (aka sponsors with free stuff) has just set off from Barnsley. Expect it in Harrogate around 3pm, then on to Ripon and Bedale.


Looking like a thrilling finish

5KM to go to Bedale, the peloton is reeling in the leaders. Could be a big bunch sprint finish...


Ripon roads re-open

All routes through Ripon, bar the Market Place which is an all-day fan park, have now re-opened.

Remember you can plan ahead for the all the closures for the men's race here.


Bedale Land Art

It always astounds me how clever people are doing this land art. It's like the spirit of Neil Buchanan and 90s TV favourite Art Attack lives on. This is the scene the chopper will spot as the race culminates.


The final moments of Stage 1 of the Women's Tour de Yorkshire

We're into the final 15KM.

The peloton (main pack) are catching the breakaway leaders. Will they reel them in before Bedale?


More from Ripon

David's managed to get a nice lofty vantage point here. He tells us it's the city council balcony, not that he's just unbelievably tall...


You can always count on a crowd in Ripon

Look at this awesome scene! Makes you wish you weren't sat in an office trying your hardest to be mildly amusing whilst posting road closure notices...


A61 Harrogate to Ripon re-opened

Just seen the bikes pass through the Market Square in the fair city. So we're expecting that the A61 should now be reopened and clearing for the afternoon. 

Remember, we do all of this again for the Men's race between around 3pm and 6pm this afternoon.


It's tough this cycling lark

Amazing picture from Neil on Twitter capturing the effort that these elite riders put into their cycling.

I make that face just walking into the gym.


Race in Ripon

Just seeing lovely helicopter shots of Ripon Cathedral on the TV as the race enters into the city.


Race update

Less than 30km to go, here's what's happening in the race.

I'm no cycling expert, but it's getting exciting now.


Confirmation of roads in Harrogate being open

In case we weren't clear enough here's a big yellow message.


Rolling Ripon Road Closures

A reminder of where and when to expect the closures.


Here's the scene outside Bettys earlier

Nick Hancock was on hand at the iconic Harrogate location.


Daffodil Bends

The leaders are hurtling towards Ripon now, so we expect roads through Killinghall to be opening.


More school fun!

Coppice Valley making an appearance on ITV4's coverage with some excellent land art.


What a great day at school

You can always count on our schools to get behind the Tour. We saw a lot of Brackenfield School o on the telly... and here's their view!


Cycle to work?

I'm not sure those bikes would be covered by the budget...


Crowds brave the weather

There was a good turn out on Parliament Street and The Stray for the Women's Race, despite the presence of Yorkshire's "liquid sunshine"


Roads North of Ripon beginning to close

We'll start to see the roads through Ripon and northwards through North Stainley and Exelby closing shortly.

Expecting roads in Harrogate to be open soon, with West Park and Parliament Street opening soon too, they'll close again around 2:30pm as they're a key part of the circuit.


A61 to Ripon closed

All of the route between Harrogate and Ripon will likely now be closed. It'll open almost immediately as the race support vehicles clear the area.


The Harrogate Sprint is over

The race is round the UCI circuit now and starting to head towards Killinghall.

Here's the results of the sprint, if you're interested


Ripon is Ready

The events have started on the Market Place, which is a fan park for the day.

A reminder that it'll be shut now until 11pm tonight.



We're getting a lovely tour of Valley Drive, onto Parliament Street on the telly now. Lap 1 of the UCI circuit is well underway.

Nick Hancock is on Parliament Street watching the race pass through and trying to resist the Fat Rascals in Bettys.


Slippy surfaces

Anyone who's driven down from the Army Foundation College into Harrogate towards Otley Road, knows those roads are tight... and they're a bit wet... so I'd rather not be a cyclist on them today. They're handling them very well though!


Roads open

If you're travelling down the A658 between Harrogate and Pool-in-Wharfedale, the road should be opening again now.


Hang on Harrogate

The leaders are approaching, having just gone through Beckwithshaw


Harrogate closure map

All closures in Harrogate are now in place for the Women's Race.

Here's another handy North Yorkshire Council Map:


Unfortunate titles

ITV4 are showing the race today, and this eagle-eyed tweeter has just spotted some unfortunate titling as the race heads towards Huby.



Now re-opened following the women's race.

Men's race to follow this afternoon.


Race in North Yorkshire

Will Smith's just emailed me with the words "the race is in North Yorkshire"

Which means road closures are in place throughout Leathley, Beckwithshaw and Harrogate.

The A61, Ripon Road through Killinghall will close shortly.



There've been a few political opportunists taking in the profile the race brings. Yesterday saw anti-fracking protests against Team Ineos - the new name for Team Sky - who are sponsored by a fracking company.

Today these have appeared...

Even bikes can't escape Brexit...


Are you parked in the wrong place?

If you've parked somewhere you shouldn't your car might be about to go on holiday...


More road closures

If they're not closed already the following areas will have closures in the next few minutes:

Penny Pot Lane
Harrogate - Otley Road

Killinghall will close around 11am.


Beautiful Bedale

Things are gearing up at the stage's finish


Rolling road closures begin in Leathley

Roads are now closing in Leathley, heading towards Beckwithshaw and Harrogate. Expect them to remain closed for around 1 hour.

We'll update as soon as we know they've reopened.


Want to see the route?

Here's a handy preview from a rider who knows a thing or two


Race Update

There were huge crowds as the cyclists passed through Garforth. They're now heading towards Pool-in-Wharfedale and then will be in the Stray FM area.


World Champs Warm Up

If you've got a spare 20 minutes, this video from Cycling Weekly is worth a watch. It previews some of the routes for September's big event, in which all of the races will finish in the centre of Harrogate.

Today is a bit of a warm up for that, with the loop section being practiced by both the men and the women.


Tour Makers

There couldn't be any events like this without the support of volunteers. Nick's been speaking to some in Harrogate this morning. You can hear their chat on Stray FM shortly.


Central Harrogate Road Closures

West Park and Parliament Street are now closed and will remain closed until around 12 noon.


Road closures Garforth to Pool

If you're travelling to/from Leeds or around Pool-in-Wharfedale, your journey may be affected from now


The police have got Will Smith

No, our Hometime Presenter isn't in trouble. He's hanging out with a TV star. Channel 5's Traffic Cops star Sgt Paul Cording is taking Will behind the scenes of the Tour de Yorkshire.

We'll follow their progress here today.


Just the 132km being cycled this morning

I mean, it's a long way isn't it? Then they'll do it all again tomorrow.

And look at this... when I was 17 I was more likely to be eating 132 slices of pizza...


Where are they now?



Road closures start in 20 minutes

Harrogate's closures on the "loop" section of the course kick in from 10am.

This is the same loop that will be used for the World Road Cycling Championships in September, so it's a good practice for us all!

Here's a handy graphic from North Yorkshire County Council of this morning's closures:


Free Stuff

Want to get some freebies from the sponsors "caravan"? Make sure you're on the edge of the route in these places around these times:

Harrogate (Parliament Street/West Park) - 3pm
Ripon - 3:45pm
West Tanfield - 4:05pm
Bedale Market Place - 4:30pm

Who doesn't love freebies?


Women's Race Underway

And they're off! The women's race has left Barnsley and is now winging it's way towards us.


Road Closures

The majority of the route today is subject to rolling road closures. This means they close between 30 minutes and one hour before the race is due through and then will reopen as soon as the race is clear.

North Yorkshire Police are extremely good at getting the roads open quickly, but we'll keep you updated on this page as we know the closures are in place. You can also listen to Stray FM all day for the latest updates.

Some roads will be closed for much longer. For example, Parliament Street in Harrogate will have 2 hour closures for each race, whilst the finish areas in Bedale are already closed and will remain so until later tonight.

In Ripon, there's a fan park in the Market Place, so that'll be closed from 11am until 11pm.

All the road closure information is in one place on our dedicated article here.




There are not one, but TWO races on stage 2 today. First up, it's the women's race, followed by the men's race this afternoon.

Here are some of the key (estimated) timings:

Women's Race
Leathley - 10:55am
Beckwithshaw - 11:06am
Harrogate - 11:11-11:40am
Ripon - 11:54am
Expected finish in Bedale - 12:55pm

Men's Race
Leathley - 4:22pm
Beckwithshaw - 4:31pm
Harrogate - 4:36-4:57pm
Ripon - 5:13pm
Expected finish in Bedale - 5:47pm

Clearly, this all depends how fast they cycle!

Full details of timings are on our dedicated article here.



Good morning! Welcome to the Tour de Yorkshire Day 2 Live Blog for 2019. Tom's in the hotseat and will guide you through everything that's happening today.

Today the race will head through Pool-in-Wharfedale, Harrogate, Ripon and culminate in Bedale. More details on that shortly, but first, here's what happened in Stage 1 if you want to catch up.