LIVE: Tour de Yorkshire Stage 4

LIVE: Tour de Yorkshire Stage 4

Published at 12:06pm 5th May 2019. (Updated at 5:47pm 5th May 2019)

Follow the latest at the Tour de Yorkshire as it travels through Skipton, Masham, Pateley Bridge and Otley for Stage 4

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Over and out

I hope you have enjoyed following my Tour de Yorkshire, local updates. I am now signing off for the evening. 

Perhaps we shall meet again for the Tour de Yorkshire 2020? Too soon? Me thinks not.

See you then!


Final Tour de Yorkshire 2019 results

Great Britain's Chris Lawless win the Tour de Yorkshire title.

Burley in Wharfedale's Scott Thwaite comes in at 8th - which is a fantastic results!

Once again, well done Scott!


Final Stage Four results

This is the final Halifax to Leeds results.

Burley in Wharfedale's Scott Thwaites finishes in 10th. Well done Scott!


Finishing line

Stage Four winner was Greg Van Avermaet with overall Tour de Yorkshire title going to Chris Lawless. Well done chaps! But where did Burley in Wharfedale's Scott Thwaites finish? I'll find out and report back.


Almost over

The riders are on the final straight now. It's a three horse race!


Race of their lives

As the riders head to the final sprint in Leeds, their legs must be so tired - look at this agonising cllimb.



Words of encouragement

I love this picture


Froome attacks

A big attack from Chris Froome at the top on Otley Chevin. 20.5km to go


Otley Chevin

The cyclists are on the final categorised climb which is fought out on Otley Chevin.

Can Burley in Wharfedale's Scott Thwaites do it?


Praise for Pateley

Welcome to Yorkshire praises Pateley Bridge and its visitors/residents for putting on an amazing display of support for the cyclists.


Road closure UPDATE

Roads in Pateley Bridge have reopened


Beautiful but brutal

I'm happy to look at this picture - I'm just exhausted contemplating the ride.


Road closures

The roads around Masham should have opened now - they were due to reopen at 4pm.

The peloton is yet to hit Pateley Bridge so road closures there remain in place.

However, the roads near Blubberhouses are due to close any moment as the cyclists head from Pateley towards Otley.


Flossing police officer

You can wait awhile for the cyclists to pass by so what's the best way to kill some time?

These two have the right idea!


Black Sheep

The Black Sheep brewery in Masham decided to spice up the stretch of the race outside its office.

The cyclist first to cross the Black Sheep finishing line would win their height in Black Sheep ale.

In typical Brit style, all three British riders at the front pushed that little bit further to try and finish first.

But it was Ethan Hayter who crossed the Black Sheep straight first!

Drinks are on Ethan - later of course, once he's finished the race!


Road closures

Roads in Masham are due to open around 4pm. 

As the cyclists head to Pateley Bridge, roads in the area should be closed. 

We'll bring you more details on this when we have them!




The peloton is now in Masham!

(The race is 15 minutes behind schedule)



Tour de Yorkshire Ride 2019

The professional cyclists are not the only one to take on a monumental course.

The Tour de Yorkshire ride took place earlier with hundreds of riding enthusiasts taking to the regions roads for three races - the long route included a 123km race (that's 76 miles).

Well done to those who took part.


Motivational song

"Wheel away and push through the pain"

I think it's quite catchy - a potential for number one? 


Finale in sight

Things are gearing up at the finish in Leeds. But first the riders have to pass through Otley.


95km to go

With under 100km to go, the riders are starting to push for their place in the final pack 


Well done Skipton

The crowds in Skipton are being recognised....they know how to support a local and regional event!


Road closures

The peloton is now heading to Masham (3.30pm).

Local road closures are now in place.

Please allow 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the race has passed through for the roads to reopen.


Just keep peddling

This is an insane climb! 



More freebies are up for grabs for those in Masham


Support local

All eyes are on Scott Thwaites from Burley-in-Wharfedale.

The cyclist went to school in both Ilkley and Skipton.

Scott is taking part in the Tour de Yorkshire and he is currently in fifth place!



Yorkshire Dales

The peloton is well and truly up and down dale now as the cyclists make their way to the CΓ΄te de Park Rash - a particular stretch that will no-doubt cement its place in Tour de Yorkshire folklore - it's a tough one.

The route then continues on to Masham (at 3.20pm) and then into Nidderdale (due at Pateley Bridge at 3.50pm).


Excitement's building in Masham

Martha can't wait for the race to pass through.


Smile for the Tour de Yorkshire (or for Stray FM)

If you're watching the race in Pateley, watch out for Pete and Tom from Team Stray. They're offering you a chance to win Β£10k.


Steep climbs ahead

Stage 4 sees the competitors tackle a massive 3000m of climbing - you've got to be made of strong stuff to do that. I'm just chuffed if I reach my 10,000 steps per day! 


Roads update

Roads in Sutton-in-Craven and Skipton now open.

Once you see this vehicle pass through, it is safe to use the roads once again.


Entertainment in Pateley

This police officer has hidden talents!


Free Stuff

The sponsors "caravan" is due in Masham.


Tour de Yorkshire passes Skipton.


Road closure updates

Cyclist have passed through Sutton-in-Craven and are in Skipton, running slightly behind.

The roads in Sutton should be open shortly.


It's not just us that are enjoying the race. It seems the cows are finding the Tour de Yorkshire rather moooooo-ving.


These firefighters in Skipton have the right idea. 


Have you ignored the advanced parking warnings?

If so and you've parked somewhere you shouldn't, your car could be towed.


I'm loving how creative people are getting. This giant art piece is fantastic.


The riders are slightly behind, according to the initial timetable - they've just left Haworth - heading to Sutton-in-Craven.

Behind or not, they're still going a lot faster than I would on a bike in lycra.


There's still time to get to Kettlewell to watch the race pass through - it's due at 2.20pm.

A generous local farmer is allowing people to park.


Stray FM's been catching up with some young supporters in Skipton. Perhaps these could be the cyclists of the future?


I'm not even sure if I could walk this without getting out of breath - let alone cycle it. 


Look this welcome from Pateley. Everyone is out and waiting for the cyclists.


Road closures start in 10 minutes

Sutton-in-Craven's closures kick in from 12.55pm.

Skipton's are at 1pm.

As this lot head to North Yorkshire:



Want to get some freebies from the sponsors "caravan"? It's running slightly behind.



And they're off.....




Before the competitors reach North Yorkshire, they're starting off in Halifax.

They're getting ready to roll on the final stretch.



Road Closures

The majority of the route today is subject to rolling road closures. This means they close between 30 minutes and one hour before the race is due through and then will reopen as soon as the race is clear.

North Yorkshire Police are extremely good at getting the roads open quickly, but we'll keep you updated on this page as we know the closures are in place. You can also listen to Stray FM all day for the latest updates.

All the road closure information is in one place on our dedicated article here.



Here are some of the key (estimated) timings:

Men's Race
Craven-in-Sutton - 1.24pm

Skipton - 1.32pm

Kettlewell - 2.19pm

Masham - 3.16pm

Pateley Bridge - 3.47pm

Blubberhouses - 4.11pm

Otley - 4.28pm

Expected finish in Leeds - 5.03pm




Good afternoon! Welcome to the Tour de Yorkshire Day 4 Live Blog for 2019.

May is in the driving seat today and will guide you through everything that's happening during Stage 4.

Today the race will head through Sutton-in-Craven, Skipton, Masham, Pateley Bridge, Blubberhouses and Otley - before the big finale in Leeds.

For more details on the North Yorkshire route: