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LIVE: Storm Ciara batters Harrogate, Craven & Wharfedale

LIVE: Storm Ciara batters Harrogate, Craven & Wharfedale

Published at 1:09pm 9th February 2020. (Updated at 7:29am 10th February 2020)

There's disruption across the Stray FM area

  • Police advise not to travel unless essential
  • Flooding closes roads and train lines
  • Tree falls causing damage and blocking roads

You've got to be kidding?

The Met Office are now warning about snow and ice tomorrow.

snow and ice weather warning, met office

Forecasters are predicting heavy snow showers and icy surfaces from 3pm tomorrow.

The Met Office has a yellow weather warning for snow and ice in place.

It warns of travel disruption, particularly over higher routes.


Race to save Birstwith homes

Emergency services are working to prevent 16 homes in Birstwith from flooding:


Flood warnings in place

Most rivers in the Stray FM area have a flood warning or alert issued on them.

These are all currently below the red warning, but if you are in a flood risk area, we recommend you keep an eye on the Government's Flood Warning service website and type in your location.


Superheroes in disguise

These images just show the important and varying role of the emergency services:


That said.......some roads do remain closed

Pateley Bridge over the river is still shut:


Flood water subsiding in some areas

Surface water is disappearing on some of Craven's roads but still take care if you need to head out.

Personally, if you can, sit tight and wait until the morning.


Homeowners express fear and disappointment

Storm Ciara testing all services


Drivers still being rescued from flood waters

Why? Seriously - why would you?!


North Yorkshire Police inundated with storm calls

What would we do without them?

The call centre for North Yorkshire Police received over 500 weather-related calls today!




Great effort!

Masham was badly affected by the flood waters earlier today but look at this colossal effort by the fire service to clear up local roads:


MP praise flood relief efforts

Julian Smith - MP for Skipton and Ripon - has praised our emergency services for their help and support during a challenging and busy time for all today.


Warning to drivers

As some fire crews end their shifts, they're warning against drivers attempting to drive through flood waters.

They've had to deal with enough today


Locals in Ripon shocked at force of river

Footage from Ripon reveals the full force of the Skell - apparently there's a road ford underneath the waters.


Severe flood warning in Pateley downgraded

The Severe Flood warning in Pateley Bridge has been removed.

A flood warning remains in place which means flooding is still expected.


Environment Agency issues update

The Severe Flood Warning from the River Nidd at Pateley could soon be downgraded:


Full force of Storm Ciara felt in Ripon

Dramatic scenes in Ripon earlier:


Too close for comfort

The River Wharfe at Otley is heading for homes:


It's not a car you need, it's a boat

Many roads are still under water and will be until the water subsides:


Flooding closes Harrogate to Leeds line

All trains from Harrogate to Leeds are currently suspended due to the weather conditions.


Flood waters spreading far and wide

These pictures show the water levels from the River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey.

Thanks to Elizabeth Allott - who has shared these with us on Facebook:

Feb 2020 flood - River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey 2


Feb 2020 flood - River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey 2


Feb 2020 flood - River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey 2

It's all hands on deck

Levels on the River Nidd are beginning to drop but it has just started raining again.



Homeowners braced for the worst

80 homes in Pateley Bridge at risk of flooding:


You can't put a price on this level of dedication

Here's another one going above and beyond!

Our emergency services are simply out of this world:


Waters are pushing their luck

Thankfully, the flood gate in Pateley Bridge held up:


Not all heroes wear capes!

What would we do without these guys?! They are simply amazing!


Help is on hand

As winds continue to wreak damage, fallen trees are being removed on some of our roads:


Storm Ciara is battering the entire country

There are currently more than 190 flood warnings and around 170 flood alerts in place across the country.

The Environment Agency continue to issue advice:



Road closures are still in place

Pateley Bridge remains shut:


New housing development affected by flooding

On Facebook, people have been sharing pictures of the new Bellway estate on the outskirks of Harrogate - it appears waters have flooded gardens and nearby land:


Sandbags have been handed out

Response teams have dished out sandbags to home and business owners in Masham and Pateley Bridge.



The Environment Agency still have warnings in place

There are several still active - these are:

Severe flood warning:

River Nidd at Pateley and Bewerley


Flood warnings:

River Ure at Masham

Swinney Beck at Masham

River Wharfe at Bolton Bridge

River Wharfe at Addingham

River Wharfe at Denton Road, Ilkley

Ings Beck, Ings Lane in Skipton

River Aire at Gargrave

River Wharfe at Bunsall

Kettlewell Beck at Kettlewell, Yorkshire Dales

Bishop Monkton Beck at Bishop Monkton

River Ure at Roecliff Caravan Park

River Nidd at Knaresborough

River Nidd at Knaresborough Caravan Park and Goldsborough Mill Farm

Collingham Beck at Collingham, just south of Wetherby

Bramham Beck at Bramham

River Wharfe at Harewood Bridge

River Wharfe at Castley Lane, just outside of Pool

River Wharfe at Billams Hill and riverside properties between Otley and Pool

River Wharfe at Otley


Flood alerts:

Upper River Aire in Skipton

Lower River Ure, just outside of Ripon

Lower River Wharfe at Weeton



Pumps are in use in Masham

A number of homes and businesses are flooded:


Warning's remain in place despite the sun making an appearance

Firefighters are still responding to numerous emergency calls:


Latest update from the ground in Pateley Bridge

The Police Inspector on the ground has been speaking to Will Smith


A65 Closed

A reminder that many roads around Harrogate, Craven & Wharfedale are flooded and not passable including the A65 here:

Despite the respite from the rain now, flooding continues as rainwater makes it way down the hills through the rivers.

Denton Road and Middleton Avenue in Ilkley are also closed. The A658 has been closed due to a fallen tree near North Rigton.

Flooding around the back roads in the Ripon villages areas. Flooding also in place between Burley in Wharfedale and Otley.


Don't take risks with floods

Water doesn't take any prisoners, as this mobile home shows...


Pateley Bridge from above

Emma on Facebook has sent us this picture that really give you an idea of how the water level is rising. It's expected to continue for some time.

Flooding in Pateley Bridge as Storm Ciara causes Danger To Life flood warning
Flooding in Pateley Bridge as Storm Ciara causes Danger To Life flood warning

Gargrave under water

Areas in Craven have been struggling under the weight of the rainfall so far today. Gargrave's canal has burst its banks.


Train services

To confirm, all train operators are advising passengers NOT to travel today. Most are accepting tickets for travel on services tomorrow.

There are no trains serving the Skipton to Carlisle Route or the Leeds to Harrogate Route on Northern or LNER. No road replacement services will run today.

LNER are running a severely reduced timetable to London - with no seat reservations in place. Again, they are advising that if you have a ticket for today, you use it to travel tomorrow.


Pateley Bridge closed


Flood warnings in place

As we've been mentioning, there's a RED "danger to life" warning in place for Pateley Bridge. Beyond that, EVERY other river in the Stray FM area has a flood warning or alert issued. These are all currently below the red warning, but if you are in a flood risk area, we recommend you keep an eye on the Government's Flood Warning service website and type in your location.


Here's why there's concern in Pateley Bridge

As you can see from this photo, the River Nidd is looking very close to bursting its banks, once that happens, flooding will be quick! Emergency services and local authorities are on the scene.


LIVE from Pateley Bridge

Here's Will Smith with the latest:


Flooding in Ripon

The A61 is extremely treacherous now, with this the scene just near the McDonalds Roundabout in Ripon


Will Smith is in Pateley Bridge

Listen to updates on Stray FM with Nick Babb live now - Hometime Presenter Will Smith has headed to Pateley Bridge to assess the scene as the Red "Danger to Life" Flood Warning comes into effect.


Travel is difficult:

We posted this list of roads that were affected by flooding earlier on. More are now affected, so the advice remains - DO NOT TRAVEL unless essential.


Yorkshire Shepherdess feels the impact

In rural areas, Mother Nature is particularly making her impact felt, as this dramatic video shows:


Roads around Skipton impassable

North Yorkshire Police are recommending NOT to travel. We've also seen images of cars taking on potentially terminal water damage.


Current situation in Pateley Bridge

We've heard that there's severe flood warnings in place, and we can see why from this video:


Harrogate Bus Company still running

According to this tweet...


A VERY lucky escape!

One of the many reasons not to travel today... thankfully this driver got out ok!


Flood warning for Knaresborough


Highest flood warning issues for Pateley Bridge

As we've just sent out to users of the Stray FM app - the Environment Agency has issued a severe flood warning for the River Nidd