WATCH: Here's why you should get excited cycling's UCIs are coming to Harrogate

WATCH: Here's why you should get excited cycling's UCIs are coming to Harrogate

Published at 8:44am 27th September 2018. (Updated at 1:48pm 4th July 2019)

Everyone's talking about the UCI Road World Championships at the moment, but what is all the fuss about? 

If you're not a fan of cycling then you've probably never heard of them. But with the bike race heading our way next year, it's time to start gearing up. 

Last night the full route and schedule of the 9-day event, which will be hosted in Harrogate, was revealed.

Ilkley, Nidderdale, Wetherby and Ripon will also get a slice of the action.

Well this year's UCIs are being held right now in Innsbruck, Austria, meaning we can get a sneek peak of what's coming our way. And here's why you should be excited... 

1. HUGE crowds 



Think the Grand Depart, but much, much bigger. And all these spectators will be in and around Harrogate for over a week, meaning lots of trade for shops, cafes, restaurants.


2. Beautiful scenery 



We all know how beautiful Yorkshire is, it's the best place in the world right? Well the race routes include much of the county, from cities like Ripon to the stunning Yorkshire Dales. And all of the race will be shown on television all over the world


3. The iconic rainbow jersey



Forget yellow and blue, the UCIS are all about the rainbow. If you ask any professional cyclist the one thing they want to win, it's the iconic rainbow jersey. It's so coverted they get to wear the championship stripes all season. Otley's very own Lizzie Deignan won it in 2015 and you know she'll be trying get her hands on it again next year.

And instead of yellow bikes, get ready to see rainbow colours EVERYWHERE


4. Patriotism 



The UCIs are the only event in the cycling season in which the riders represent their countries, not their teams. That means Chris Froome, Geraint Thomas and our very own Lizzie will be wearing the same jersey, representing the UK. Union Jacks at the ready! 


 5. LOTS of racing!


Time trials, road races, team relays, not only will there by lots of races, there'll be lots of different disciplines too. 


6. Rolling road closures

Yes, there'll have to be some closures. But the organisers have reassured us they'll be ROLLING closures, so won't be shut for long periods of time. Other than the finish line in Harrogate, no road will be closed for the entire nine days. Yes there'll be more people about, but you will still be able to get where you need to go. So no need to panic buy the milk!  

The 2019 UCIs will also feature brand new events, such as a paracycling event and a mixed team time trial. 


Still not convinced? Then maybe this video from the organisers will get you in the mood: