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Have you seen this colourful bunting in Ripon yet?

Have you seen this colourful bunting in Ripon yet?

Published at 7:01am 7th August 2019.

If you've been in Ripon over the last few days you might've noticed something a bit different. 

Thousands of knitted rainbow jerseys are being put up around the city. 

It's to mark the UCI Road World Cycling Championships, which are being held in the Harrogate District between 22-29 September.

Riders from all over the world will come to Yorkshire to compete for the iconic rainbow jersey. 

Following on from the city's highly successful Ripon Community Poppy Project, more than 3,000 knitted cycling jerseys have been made.

They've been made into bunting and are now starting to be displayed around the city.

ripon bunting


ripon bunting


ripon bunting


ripon bunting


ripon bunting


Hazel Barker and Councillor Stuart Martin are helping to co-ordinate the project. 

Councillor Martin, who's also the Mayor of Harrogate District said: 

"The hope is it'll drive footfall for Ripon but also the district as well. 

"We want people to come to the district and see what the district has to offer. 

"The community in Ripon is doing their bit to try and attract as many tourists as we possibly can."

Cllr Martin says the initiative has also helped raise awareness of the cycling championships.

He added: 

"Everybody generally is getting behind it.

"There's a bit of reluctance on behalf of some of the businesses.

"They're worried about how it will impact in the short term.

"But in the longer term the hope is it'll increase tourism for the district and lots of people will come back again once the cycle race is gone."

Hazel said the response to this latest project has been amazing: 

"I knew people would rally round, they did with the poppy project. 

"The community spirit and the social aspect of the poppies has carried on with these knitted jumpers.

"There's lots and lots of little groups and individuals who've knit the jumpers."

Ripon bunting
Stuart and Hazel have been busy putting up the bunting around the city


The project also has a special plan for the jerseys once the cycling event is over. 

Councillor Stuart Martin said: 

"All the bunting will be collected back in and the smaller ones will be knitted into blankets. 

"The larger ones will be sent to third world countries, I'll be taking some myself to Madagascar. 

"They'll be used for babies that have no clothing." 

If you want to help knit, you'll find the pattern and more information by clicking here

You can drop off any knitted jerseys at The Wakeman's House Cafe or Moonglu Cycles on Blossomgate