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LIVE: UCI Road World Champs - Day 2

Published at 8:33am 22nd September 2019. (Updated at 4:55pm 22nd September 2019)

Follow all the action, road closures and even a bit of the colour as the Mixed Team Time Trial kicks off


Road closure update.

The  Harrogate Circuit and Ripon Road sector has now re-opened.  Parliament Street and Albert Street in Harrogate have also re-opened. That's all from us today, we'll be back tomorrow morning with all the updates on Day 3! 


What's happening tomorrow? 

Both the Men’s and Women’s Junior Individual Time Trial events take place around Harrogate.
The two races start and finish in Harrogate, with road closures starting around 07:00 and lasting until 18:00. 

More info about Day 3 can be found here, and full detail of tomorrow's road closures can be found here.  







Road closure update

The Harrogate Circuit and Ripon Road sector are now back to amber closures.  The route itself is still closed but pedestrian and vehicle crossing points have been re-opened. 


The teams are picking up their medals at the Fan Zone




Bronze for Great Britain!

The British Mixed Relay Team have won a bronze medal in this first Team Time Trial Mixed Relay.  The Netherlands won gold, while Germany won silver.  


First medal for Team GB


Will Smith's been chatting to some volunteers in the Fan Zone


Yorkshire cycling crowds are the best, according to these fans!


The Swiss team set the second fastest time


GB team in the hot seat

For the moment at least...


More excited people in the Fan Zone...

Will Smith's been catching up with some of the people there this afternoon. 


Great result from GB cycling team


What's happening in the Fan Zone? 

Pete Egerton's been catching up with some of the fans there...

Pete Egerton talks to fans in the Fan Zone



Where can I park my bike? 

If you're cycling in to watch this afternoon, you can park near the Fan Zone.  


A quick reminder about this afternoon's races

The Yorkshire 2019 Road World Championships will crown a Mixed Team Time Trial Relay World Champion for the first time ever today.  

Teams are setting off at intervals, with two men going first for a 16km lap of the Harrogate circuit. When the 2nd man crosses the line, two women will set off for their lap. When they finish the timer stops.

The quickest time will be World Champions and win the famous Rainbow Jersey.

There's an explainer video at the top of the page, but here it is again, just in case....


The GB team are on the road...


And they're off! 


Fun in the Fan Zone

Don't forget the Fan Zone is free to enter and a great place to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the racing. 




Fans gathering at the finish line

Looks like there's already a good crowd at the finish line despite the rain.  



Nearly time for the Team Time Trial Mixed Relay 

The Mixed Team Time Trial Relay (that's a bit of a tongue-twister, isn't it?) - starts at 1:30pm today.  Don't forget it's being shown LIVE on BBC Two if you can't get there



Road closure update: 

The Harrogate Circuit & Ripon Road sector are now closed and will reopen at 4:40pm.   




Harry here on the live blog through the afternoon, we've got all the updates and details of road closures as the Mixed Team Time Trial kicks off!


Road closure update and hotseat change

The roads around the Harrogate Circuit, as well as Kings Road (Royal Hall - Crown Plaza) and Cheltenham Parade will close fully any minute now (if they haven't already, we hear some marshalls can be a bit keen!).

You won't be able to cross the race track in a vehicle until 4:40pm.

This is also my cue to say goodbye, as Harry will be taking over this blog for the afternoon shift shortly.

Have a great day! I'll leave you with some pretty pictures from yesterday:



The World's best are excited

The roads on the Harrogate circuit have been closed all morning as riders are checking out sections of it ahead of racing either today or later in the week.

That's why you're allowed to cross - they're just checking it out rather than racing.

All the riders seem to be loving Yorkshire!


Today's timings

Away from road closure chat and sportives, there's the small matter of WORLD CHAMPIONS to be crowned today.

The Mixed Team Time Trial Relay (or some ordering of those words) happens from about 1:30pm today.

It's LIVE on BBC Two if you can't make it down from 1pm, and they'll have highlights of yesterday's Para-cycling International too.

And as if by magic, my twitter friend @Y2019Travel has tweeted this as I type:


Pateley Peddlers 

As we wait for the main UCI race to start today at 1:10pm, the Sportive riders (see below for definition!) are making their way through Nidderdale.

Worth noting the second tweet here - Greenhow Hill is the only closure outside Harrogate today:


Red and amber and what on earth does that mean?

Sorry for the break in updates, been answering travel questions over on social media. It's like one of those problem solving puzzles "If you leave the person and their car inside the Harrogate circuit they might eat each other..."

Now, if you've been looking at the road closures you might be confused about RED and AMBER times.

Right now on the Harrogate circuit, we're in AMBER closure until 12 noon. That means that you can CROSS the roads they'll be racing on in your car, but you can't drive down those roads. You can only cross at the designated crossing points. (They're in green on the map below).

From 12 noon until 4:40pm we switch to RED closure. That means you can't cross the course in a vehicle. You can on foot though, either at a designated crossing point, or by being VERY careful (watch out for fast moving bikes and support vehicles).

These RED & AMBER closures will be a feature of all the closures until we finish Wednesday. Basically it's because in Time Trial races, riders ride alone with gaps between them so roads have to be closed for longer. From Thursday, when we switch to Road Races, we go to "Rolling Road Closures". They're more like what we know from the Tour de Yorkshire, where police will come and close the roads as the race comes through, usually for up to a max of 90 minutes, but often shorter.

Check the day by day guides here to try and make sense of it.

UCI World Championships 2019 - Harrogate Circuit Map

Support local businesses

One of the things we noticed yesterday was that a lot of the open roads were VERY quiet.

So, the message is: HARROGATE IS OPEN. You can get into town, there was quite a lot of parking available yesterday and the businesses are (mostly) open.

Some of the independent businesses are trying to encourage people to come and sample them. Here's a leaflet produced to show off some indie bars:

And here's a leaflet for Cold Bath Road. You can walk to CBR at all times, but it's often closed to traffic as it's inside the circuit. If you're in town, why not have a wander down there? I drove down yesterday when it was open and there was some lovely looking outdoor seating and things.


More "Sportive" Info

Our friends over at North Yorkshire County Council, have been working to try and keep the county moving.

They're quite good at tweeting when roads re-open so worth a follow if you're a tweeter.

Here's one handy tweet with maps for the Sportive and confirmation of the road closures.

(I think they've done well to fit it all into a tweet!!)


What happened yesterday?

Harrogate, and more of Yorkshire from Beverley to Tadcaster, Wetherby and Knaresborough, made more history yesterday with the Para-cycling International.

It's the first time that para-cycling has been held alongside the UCI Road World Championships.

Para-cycling actually has its own World Championship that took place last week elsewhere, but yesterday's races counted towards qualification for Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

This pair were the first riders to cross the Harrogate finish line... and, brilliantly, they're British!


Harrogate's making History!

For the first time at ever, the Yorkshire 2019 UCI Road World Championships will crown a Mixed Team Time Trial Relay World Champion. Or champions, because there's four of them.

Teams will set off at intervals, with two men going first for a 16km lap of the Harrogate circuit. When the 2nd man crosses the line, two women will set off for their lap. When they finish the timer stops.

The quickest time will be World Champions and win the famous Rainbow Jersey.

We've popped a quick explainer video at the top of this page, but you want it again don't you?? Don't you?? Ok then...


Road closure questions?

By the way, I've been trying to help as many people as possible with road closures and finding routes to get places.

If you're worried and you have a specific question drop us a private message on the Stray FM Facebook page and I'll do my best to answer it individually for you. (Just give me a bit of time, I've got a bit going on!)


Harrogate Town Centre

There's a really detailed map of what's happening in town each day. You can find the link to it on each of our day by day guides, but for ease, here's today's:


Road closure update:

Don't forget, all today's road closures are on our UCI Day 2 guide

Right now, roads on the Harrogate Circuit are closed, but with crossing points until midday. Then those roads will close fully until 4:40pm, before another hour of crossing points. Roads re-open at 5:40pm.

Here's the road closure map:


What's happening right now?

The Sportive!

Yeah, ok, I know, that means nothing right?

Basically, the official language of cycling is French, so the Sportive is cycling's way of saying "public ride". It's a big like a fun run for those who like two wheels.

There are three routes, short, medium and long. Although if you're not a bike rider, like me, they're all pretty long.

Riders have been starting from the official UCI finish line on West Park since about 7am and are setting off out northwards into Nidderdale, looping round and back to finish at the Cycle Expo on the Great Yorkshire Showground.

Roads on the route (apart from at the start and one of the hills out on the course) are all open, so if you're driving around take care of extra cyclists... 4000 of them...


Need info quick?

First thing's first, if you're desperate to know what's going on today, why roads are closed already and why there seem to be so many people on bikes this morning, we have a guide for you!

Check this for all today's info in one place:

(If the facebook post isn't showing click here for our Day 2 guide)




Here we go again then, day two of either the biggest sporting event Harrogate has ever seen... or the biggest nuisance depending on your point of view. (For the record, I'm the first option!)

Tom here to kick off the live blog this morning, I'll be guiding you through what happened yesterday, what's going on right now and then looking forward to this afternoon's first World Championship race.